Friday, May 5, 2017

Will's Five Year Well Check

Yesterday, it was time for Will's annual check-up. Am I the only mom that continues these? Do I need to continue these or am I ridiculous? I LOVE going to the doctor for well-checks. I'm such a dork. I like to know how much they've grown, how they compare, and what they should be doing. As always, Will was a super-healthy kid!

We started our check-up with a height and weight check. He is a BIG kid. He weighed in at 48 pounds (83rd percentile) and is 3 feet, 10.5 inches (94th percentile). Here's James 5 year well check post, but he was 44 pounds and 44 inches at his, so Will is a good bit bigger. (We already knew that. James wears size 7 and Will is pretty firmly into the size 6s. We move everything from James' side of the closet to Will's side when James outgrows things and they CAN wear the same clothes if push comes to shove.)

He passed all of his quiz questions with flying colors! (What number do you call in an emergency? What do you do if someone knocks on the door and your mama is in the shower? Etc.) He also impressed her with his healthy eating habits (aside from being a sugaraholic, he eats VERY healthy...fruit instead of fries at CFA, for instance). 

She did mention his speech issues (first time it's come up at the doctor's office) and we told her he'd been seeing a speech therapist for a year. She mentioned that he's tongue-tied so that's something we're looking into. Our speech therapist told me this mooring that if she's willing to fix it, that it's certainly something that can't hurt (except that it hurts....ha!), but it isn't something that's preventing him from progressing.

We also talked about Mr. Will's bruise from his bat-to-the-head accident a few weeks ago. The black eyes are gone, but he still has a very large knot that remains bruised and is hard (it was soft and felt full of fluid). She wanted to hear the whole story about what happened and then said he was fine, BUT that it's a calcium deposit and it could take MONTHS for it to break up and dissolve. Thankfully, it's pretty much hidden behind his bangs, it doesn't hurt, and it will go away eventually.

Other than that, we chatted about Disney World with our like-minded pediatrician (they go as often as we do!) and she sent us on our merry little way!

Happy, healthy, and growing great!

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