Monday, February 13, 2017

Will is FIVE.

*** Pardon the lateness of this post. I wrote it on his birthday (February 13th!) and forgot to actually publish it. I'm publishing now, but dating it February 13th so when I print it will fall correctly. ***

Dear Will,

Today you are FIVE YEARS OLD. I have no idea how that happened. You were a baby and I blinked and you are five. So much time has passed and no time has passed. The seven years I have been a mama have been the fastest years of my life!

We love you so much. You are HILARIOUS. James has always been a funny boy, but you are funny in a different way. You have such a joy about you. You are often quiet, but when you talk you are such a little ham.

{Last sleep as a four year old.}

You are such a lovey boy! You are very quick to tell us that you love us. You are our snuggler. You don't like to be called a baby, but you are very much still the baby of the family. You like to be right up under me or in my lap. If you've been off by yourself for a while, you will come and find me and check in just to get a hug or kiss or make sure I'm still there.

You are so very kind and giving! Anytime you earn a prize for something (at school or speech especially), you will ask for one "for my brother." You love to share things with James and would give him anything he asked for. You've started to learn that sometimes you want to do what YOU want, but for the most part you are still very content doing whatever James tells you to do.

{James asked George to come on his birthday this year. Apparently, we're starting this tradition!}

You love playing outside in the dirt, swinging, being read to, practicing letters and phonics (for now! thank goodness!), CANDY, healthy foods, snacking, puzzles, going to the library, and playing basketball with James.

You don't love eating at regular meal times, not being able to read, blueberries, eggs, not being as big as James is, and CLEANING UP.

You are just the best five year old. We are so excited that it's your birthday! I cannot believe you're in your last year of preschool and will be off to BIG things next year. I'm trying to remember to enjoy every single little moment with you!

Happy Birthday, sweet boy!



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Lauren said...

Happy 5th Birthday! He looks SO old! And glad you mentioned the elf! I was confused when I saw the pic! I thought you had said James, but then I thought maybe Will!? Now I know!! :D