Friday, January 20, 2017

Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow.

On our second day at Disney World (Sunday, January 15th), we ventured over to Epcot! I was so excited about this! It had been 11 years since I had been to Epcot, Eddie hadn't been since he was young, and our boys had never been. Honestly, we'd been holding out because we felt like it would be too old for them until recently. The boys LOVED part of it and were bored for part of it, but I'll share more on that later.

{The new magic band is on Will's wrist. We got those this time. I felt like it is a little wider but also thinner. Does that make sense?}

We arrived at Epcot just after it opened so we were able to park very close. It took about 15 minutes to go through security {if you haven't been in a while there is bag-check which has been in place for a while but they also have you go through metal detectors now} and get into the park. Thankfully, it moves pretty swiftly. We headed straight for Spaceship Earth which the boys had been looking forward to most. They wanted to do the ride "inside the golf ball!" LOL! We walked right on first thing so we saved our FastPass that I'd set up for it. The boys LOVED IT. We got off and immediately used our FP for a second ride. So fun! They also really liked the room you exit into and we played in there for just a few minutes.

Next, we headed over to the building with Soarin'. We rode Living with the Land which Eddie and I really, really enjoyed. When we came out of that we made our way over to Soarin'. I was SO looking forward to this one because it opened after the last time I'd been to Epcot so I'd never ridden. Will was VERY nervous and didn't enjoy it (he's scared of heights) and Eddie enjoyed it, but it made him a little nervous (he's scared of heights AND doesn't like rides where your feet dangle). I enjoyed it immensely, but parts of it were pretty intense. James LOVED it. He loves almost every ride.

We left Soarin' and went over to Nemo's building to ride The Seas with Nemo. This was the worst experience of our entire trip. The line itself was 30-45 minutes long and the line is TERRIBLE. It winds back and forth and is just boring and horrible, but the worst part was that there were some teenagers behind us that had a bluetooth speaker and they were BLASTING music the whole wait. It was incredibly rude. The ride wasn't great and I was just irritated that we'd waited. Oh well.

After Nemo we had a FastPass for Journey Into Imagination with Figment. Oh my goodness, the boys LOVED THIS. I think if we'd ridden ONLY Figment and Spaceship Earth, Will would've been the happiest boy ever. He loved it.

We had a lunch reservation at The Garden Grill next. This is one I'd wanted to try. It was VERY good food, but honestly it wasn't worth it for our kids. It's a family-style meal but our boys just don't eat enough food right now for it to be worth the price. BUT it was a character meal and it was one of my favorite character meals we'd ever done SO if you're on the dining plan and haven't met Mickey, Pluto, Chip, and Dale yet, it's a great option! My favorite is still Tusker House, followed by Chef Mickey's, and this is my third favorite. The restaurant spins so you get a 360* view over the course of your meal. Our waiter was EXCELLENT as well and there was no chance of a tree nut problem here because they don't use them at all. SO. We've been there, done it, and probably won't go back, but I would recommend it if you're looking for a character meal. Breakfast is cheaper.

{Chip and Dale LOVED Eddie's head.}

After lunch, we made our way over to World Showcase. This is what Eddie and I were looking forward to the most, but it wasn't the boys' favorite. James likes RIDES and Will just needs to be busy {especially when he's sleepy because when he's sleepy he's doing ANYTHING he can to stay awake and he becomes a whiny mess}. We THOROUGHLY enjoyed it and would love to go back sans-kids. We think that Hollywood Studios and Epcot would be great for park-hopping. Do one in the morning and one in the afternoon. For GROWN-UPS, though, Epcot is a full-day park!

We stopped in Mexico, first, and headed into the temple to ride Donald's Three Caballeros ride. Did you know there's a ride inside there??? It's really cute and sort of Small World-esque. We loved it. I especially love going inside to see the temple and volcano inside. We ate at the restaurant there years ago and LOVED it.

Next up? Mexican Donald! He was so cute!

We continued to make our way around World Showcase and snapped some family pictures in China. {Eddie can find a Photopass photographer like no one I've ever seen. This boy was hunting them down to get our money's worth!}

We continued on around World Showcase. Some other favorites included British Revolution (a rock band in England), a Snow White sighting in Germany, the rooftops in Norway, Bodh'aktan (a Canadian band), and a CRONUT in Canada. Yum. 

The boys were ready to go BACK to the RIDES. We hit up Figment one last time and Spaceship Earth before this mama called it a DAY. We had planned to stay for fireworks but we'd already been there 10 hours and I was pooped. What was really fun was that we hit McDonald's on our way back to our hotel and while Eddie was inside ordering Hollywood Studios had their Star Wars fireworks and we got to watch those from the car! Yay!

We tried for Test Track and the Frozen rides all day but the wait times were crazy and the FastPasses for those were gone.

I really loved Epcot. It was a fun day!

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