Tuesday, December 6, 2016

North Pole Breakfast!

This year's North Pole Breakfast was less put together than in years past. For the past two years, the boys have had to wake me up to share that GEORGE IS BACK!!!! I totally stayed up WAY TOO LATE the night before. I need to get it together. I am such a night owl and it just messes up mornings like this!

George sets up a fun breakfast for us and brings a few little goodies to kick the season off and typically he comes the Saturday after Thanksgiving (it is sometimes a little later depending on when Eddie and I are out of town - December is BUSY).

This year, both boys got reindeer legos and an ornament for their Georgia tree that's in the playroom.

And some Charlie Brown jammies! These are SO CUTE!

George and Clark W. Griswold. 
(That plant is not dead...it goes to sleep at night. I've kept it alive longer than any plant EVER so I just wanted you to know. We got it as a gift from one of my students at St. Patrick's Day this year!)

The boys were THRILLED with George's return and have anxiously looked for him each morning. George is not the most ambitious elf. He just moves from place to place without much fanfare. He did, however, get a little lazy this year. One night he didn't even move AT ALL. I told him that the boys weren't big fans of that and that he needed to move, but he didn't promise it wouldn't happen again so we'll see. These elves have minds of their own, you know.

(I have it on good authority that Santa is sending George a few things to perk him up this week via Amazon so we'll see if that makes it a little more fun.)

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