Thursday, October 20, 2016


Dear James,

Seven years old. SEVEN. How is that even possible? I feel like the years are just FLYING BY. Especially since you've started school.

This morning you requested a PopTart for breakfast and I obliged because it's your birthday. You are excited that it's your big day.

You've done some major growing and changing over the past year. You seem to have grown about a foot. Your feet have grown two sizes. You got glasses. You're reading on a  3rd grade reading level. You played your last season of t-ball and started Cub Scouts (which you LOVE). You are the. smartest. kid. And you still LOVE to talk. Holy cow. You don't ever stop talking! You are bold and confident and I hope you keep that forever. You dance like everyone is watching and you don't even care!

Your favorite thing right now is football. Playing football. Watching football. Tossing that darn football up in the air over and over and over again. I even saw you yesterday lay back on a chair in the den and toss an invisible football. Seriously. It's your favorite.

You LOVE the cafeteria food. I cannot wrap my mind around this. I only ate on pizza days when I was in elementary school. You'll eat almost every day.

We had a parent-teacher conference yesterday and your teacher sang your praises. We've experienced some growing pains with you since you started first grade. Your teacher isn't seeing ANY of the things we're seeing with you. Thank goodness! She said you're a motivated learner, you love working hard, you're kind and generous and HUMBLE. (You're not so humble around us! Ha!) 

We have partied with you all morning at school and will have a birthday dinner for you tonight. Saturday you're having a real party. We skipped partying last year and to say that I was NOT in party mode is an understatement. I have been VERY late getting this one planned. I kept hoping you'd decide to GO somewhere instead of having a party. Disney World again? Sign me up! But no. A camping/hunting/fishing party it is!

We are so proud of the young man you are growing to be. We love almost every single minute of parenting you (but please stop drawing on your clothes at school...). Here's to another year with you! We love you big!


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