Thursday, July 7, 2016

Summer Goals Update!

Well, hello! Eddie asked me tonight how he was ever supposed to know what we'd been doing if I didn't update my blog more than once a month. Hmmm... This isn't a big, grand update, but I'll share a few things going on!

* Preschool Camp: We've had 3 out of 5 weeks of preschool camp. This coming week is Dinosaur Week and the week after that is Olympics Week. It's been fun, but it's been a WHOLE lotta work. No complaints, though.
* Baseball Camp: James LOVED the high school's baseball camp this year! We'll definitely sign up again next year. He actually did two days of softball camp this week. Guess how many boys were there? One. HA! The joys of having a Grandmama who is a softball coach.
* VBS: Bible School was a great success! I enjoyed my roll in the adult snack room this year. It was fun to visit and serve those working. I'll probably never get that cushy job again, but it was great!

* Beach: One trip to the beach. Only one! That's not normal for us. We'll try to squeeze in one more before school starts!
* Lake: We've visited two lakes this summer. The boys are all about the water activities - jet ski, tubing, swimming, etc. - which makes me SUPER nervous after all of the news over the past few years. I sort of miss being a kid and not knowing about flesh eating bacteria. #amiright
* Fishing: There's been fishing as the boys. James would fish all day long!
* Snow Cones: I believe the boys got these with Grandmama.
* Water Park: They've gone with Grandmama to Wild Adventures and Will and I went this week with friends to the Splash Pad. SO fun. We'll be back!

* Caves: We had a SUPER fun trip. There will be a separate post for this!
* Chapter Books: We are chapter book reading folks! James has read a TON this summer. Together, we've read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and we're working on Ramona and Her Father. Henry and Ribsy and The Jungle Book are also on our list.
* Boat Ride: I'm not sure I'VE ridden on a boat, but the boys have gone out on Papa's.
* Slip-n-Slide: This has come out a time or two when Daddy finishes mowing grass.
* Homemade Ice Cream: Papa and YaYa made homemade ice cream for us over Memorial Day. OMG. I was on a no-carb, no-sugar kick (I may post more on that, too!) so I only had a bite twice, but it was so GOOD. I think it was a custard?

*Eddie has just LAUGHED at me and told me that's a sunSET in that picture, not a sunRISE. I promise I did watch the sunrise, but I dropped the wrong photo into the collage.***

* Family Game Night: This has been Will's favorite. We've played Phase 10, Cooties, and Life. I'm so ready for them to be able to play more games!
* Movie Theater: We've seen Finding Dory and we have The BFG and The Secret Life of Pets on our list for next week! There are several Eddie and I want to see that the boys can't.
* State Park: Same as the caves! Florida Caverns State Park.
* Fireworks: I missed the 4th of July this year so I haven't seen fireworks, except in the neighbors' yard. The boys saw our annual show at the lake, though!
* Tubing: Ohhhh yes. James and Will are BIG fans of tubing.
* Water Balloons: If you don't know about the water balloons that fill 30 at a time, you're missing out. We've used those several times! At Memorial Day Papa filled water balloons and when Will convinced Lindsey to fill some for him he told her she wasn't very good at it. Ha! She was a little slower than Papa. Patience isn't his strong suit.
*  Popsicles: Of course! James has had Strep AND a throat infection this summer. We've had popsicles.
* Watch a Sunrise: YES! I did it! If you know me, you're shocked!!!

There are some on our list that I'm PRETTY concerned we don't mark off, but that's ok. Every summer the fun is getting to do as many things as we can!

*** I promise Will has been with us on every adventure. He's in the Splash Pad picture. Apparently he doesn't stay still for me to take close-up photos! More soon! ***

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