Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Summer List 2016 - Update!

May was a busy month around here. (Let's face it...they're all busy with children!) We were still in school through the 20th but then we hit the ground running with back-to-back beach and lake trips. I got tickled because one of James' friends came running up to me when she saw me last week and asked WHERE we were for Memorial Day. I told her we'd gone to Lake Oconee and she said we were at the WRONG lake. Ha! Apparently they'd been looking for us and we weren't there. Her mama said she was very concerned. That just means we need a lake trip soon! June is also busy for us, but we're in town for the month because of a TON of obligations. Will has already completed a week of camp, James is in the midst of one, we have VBS, I have preschool camp, and James has a second week of camp later in the month and piano lessons each week. Whew! It's all been fun so far, though!

We've marked a few things off on our Summer List 2016 so I thought I'd share that...

We have several things in the works right NOW so in July I'll update with lots more marked off! Happy Summer! Off to shower, pick up my car (for those following on Instagram - it was a broken fuel pump - MORE $$$), and pick up James from baseball camp!

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