Friday, March 11, 2016

Yeehaw! Rodeo Time!

I am so behind on blogging that I might never catch up. But today the boys are in Roswell or at the lake (you never can tell with that crowd) with Papa and YaYa, there is NO school, and on my list of things to do while the boys are gone is BLOG. So I'm checking things off, right?

Three weekends ago we made the drive to Perry and met Papa and YaYa for the Georgia National Rodeo. We hadn't been since we lived in Perry and James was about three years old. He was THRILLED that we were going because he remembers pieces of it. Eddie and I were thrilled we were going because we LOVE it. Will was thrilled we were going because he'd never been. So we were an excited bunch.

Will was diagnosed with strep THE NIGHT BEFORE the rodeo. We were hoping his antibiotics would perk him right up, and thankfully they did. Whew! He was back to being his adorable, rodeo clown self by the time we hit the road.

He was also his doesn't-want-to-sit-still and contrary self by the time the rodeo started. He didn't enjoy it nearly as much as James did (he is just not our sit-still-and-watch child...James is), but he did have a good time. He felt FINE but didn't want any part of taking a picture with Papa and YaYa.

We sat OVER the shoots this time and that was a first. I enjoyed it and didn't enjoy it. It was neat to see the behind the scenes, but we were directly under the score board so we couldn't see scores or replays. Oh well. 

It was a FUN night. Maybe we'll go back next year!

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