Friday, January 8, 2016

January Goals.

I planned to write this post on the first day of the month and share my "Word of the Year" and goals for January. But I can't figure out my word of the year. I've tossed around a ton of things, but I can't come up with ONE that fits all.

As a wife and mom I want to be more present, take it all in, not miss the big things, not sweat the small things, and enjoy it.
In my business(es) and big girl job I want to hustle, work harder, earn more, learn more, and grow.
In the health and wellness part of life I just want to do better, get stronger, get leaner, and go farther.
In my spiritual walk I want to jump in, cling tighter, trust more, and focus.
And in my every day life I want to be more intentional, move more, listen more, talk less, read more, get organized, and be kind.

So what's my one word? If you know it, tell me. ha!

I do have some January goals that I'll share here. One of my favorite bloggers shares her goals each month and then how she did before sharing the next month's goals. Maybe I'll start to do that here to get my focus and organization going. :) Y'all are going to laugh at some of these goals...

1. Read 4 books.

2. Finish my one year Bible through March. I actually started this back in November because I'm trying to read the whole thing by my 33rd birthday for 33x33. This would keep me on track.

3. Finish Gilmore Girls. Did y'all know they're redoing this for Netflix? Hoooray! Now I have to finish the series before that comes out.

4. Take down Christmas decorations. Ummm....I still haven't finished this. I've never dragged my feet like I have this year. I may never decorate again.

5. Start X-Files on Netflix. There's ANOTHER show that's being brought back. I can't wait. Haven't watched these since high school!

6. 200 miles logged on my FitBit. Ahhh! Can I do it? Step one, CHARGE my FitBit.

7. Business training for Jamberry and Keep. I have a few new girls joining me in Keep and I need to make sure I know my ins and outs.

8. Revisit the budget with Eddie.

9. Eat at home 20/31 nights.

10. Begin Round 1 of 21 Day Fix!

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Anna Catherine said...

You need to watch Hart of Dixie next! It's so good!