Thursday, December 3, 2015

Gift Guide for School-Aged Boys.

Our boys are 3.5 and 6 years old and this is the FIRST Christmas where they've been pretty much completely on the same page about gifts. SO. They're getting a lot of the same things, similar things, or shared things. It makes it easy on Santa and it makes it easy on ME. This list is taken from their Christmas lists, but is also a little bit from me. We've bought many of the things on this list or they've asked Santa for them or we've told family members who wanted an idea about them. But if you're looking for a gift for a 4-8 year old, I think these are some winners!

1. Field Goals. These are big enough to use in the backyard. They're sort of like the kid soccer goals you can get. James is TOTALLY into football this year and they are constantly in the middle of a pick-up game in the backyard.

2. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, the illustrated version. James got this for his birthday and it's GORGEOUS. We're reading it right now and Will has joined us this time.

3. Marble track. These come in wooden and plastic and I actually like THIS ONE a lot for it's price and the reviews. Will is completely into building roller coasters and I think this would be fun for him.

4. Wii U. Wii has discontinued their original game system and upgraded. I like this because it will still play our original games but we can buy new games for it. And word on the street is that you can turn your TV back to your show and your child can continue playing on the handheld screen that comes with it.

5. Legos! James really, really, really, REALLY wants Raptor Rampage Legos from Jurassic World (they are backordered until FEBRUARY but no fear, mom! the elves can MAKE them) but really any fun Lego theme is a great gift. Or just a box of non-themed bricks!

6. The Wild Kratts board game. Or really anything Wild Kratts. We're kind of obsessed. Creature Power!

7. College football uniforms. James REALLY wants a Georgia helmet. Will REALLY wants a Florida helmet (because he likes to be contrary and we OVER-REACT when he says this). Guess which one they'll be getting? Hint: It isn't orange. Ever.

8. Basketball goal. Again, James is completely into basketball. He just started Upward basketball and he is pumped about it. They like to play and watch the high school teams play.

9. The Magic School Bus series on DVD. Like Wild Kratts, the boys are obsessed with this, but especially Will. This was one of my favorites as a kid and I've enjoyed re-watching it with them.

10. Lincoln Logs. I am a huge Lincoln Logs fan. We had a huge basket of them as a kid. The boys have one set, but I'd love to add more to it. I think now that they're older they'll enjoy building them more.

11. The PAW PATROLLER. This is a much-coveted gift this year. BOTH boys asked for it. Santa has heard the word that we want this, but if grandparents are interested (and can find them!) we need the vehicles that go with it (they have to say that they're compatible). Currently, we have only found Marshall. :/ 

12. Ramona books! These are Will's current obsession, but if Ramona isn't your speed, I have plenty of other suggestions. Check out the books tab at the top to see what the boys have read.


Meggie said...

I've never seen the field goals! My boys would LOVE one of those. I'll have to store that away for a birthday. =) We're also Wild Kratts obsessed here. Lots of the same toys will be found Christmas morning for our big boys too.

Lauren said...

Annie M would LOVE that Wild Kratts game. She is all about some Chris and Martin. LOL.