Monday, December 14, 2015

Forgotten Thanksgiving...

Apparently some of my Thanksgiving pictures got left behind on my Thanksgiving post. As they are the cutest ones, I can't not post them even though some of you have probably seen them on Instagram. These sweet turkeys are the best!

Scout is almost 9 years old! Her birthday is the week after Christmas. She's gotten a little hefty lately, as some old women who don't like to exercise as much anymore tend to do, but she's still happy to run after a ball. She may not run for HOURS anymore (we seriously used to have to cut her off), but she'll go for a while! Will was using his glove as a hat for her and asked me to take their picture.

Look at that big girl! Doesn't she look giant here? She was two months old on Thanksgiving this year. Next year she'll be all over the place! Without even trying everyone matched.

When Merritt is in the cradle swing, EVERYONE needs to be in the cradle swing. This time of fascination with her is going to close quickly when she's into all of their stuff! Lol!

Sorry for the late Thanksgiving post! I'm going to try to catch up on Christmas tonight, too!

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