Monday, October 5, 2015

Playing Catch-Up. {September Books, August Fun, and September Fun!}

Will's pumpkin patch field trip was cancelled this morning from all the rain, so I'm going to spend the morning blogging, reading, cleaning, doing laundry, and just enjoying the time at home! I'm actually not even taking him to school today. He's had a pretty rough go with an ear infection {when he gets them - which is rare - they are rough...he runs fever if you look at him wrong!} so I told him to get his wubbie and snuggle up in the chair in the playroom. I'll probably get some things cleaned up and more Halloween put out. I'm a little sad that there's no pumpkin patch today - because the chances of me being able to go with him when they reschedule are SLIM - but I'm REALLY enjoying the time home and not in the mud.

This is going to be SO long, so bear with me.

First things first, September books! I only read two in September, but they were both worthwhile!

Ramona the Brave by Beverly Cleary. We kept on with our Ramona obsession and enjoyed the third book in the series. We LOVE Ramona. If you're looking for fun books for read-alouds, I highly recommend them. Will, especially, loves her. 

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins. Ohhh, this was a good one that we read for book club. It was a page turner, for SURE. I wasn't sure what to think to begin with - the narrator changes each chapter and is confusing - but I was glad that I stuck with it by a quarter of the way in. I WILL say that I thought that the end fell flat. It isn't predictable by any means, but I felt like the book dragged along and you wonder WHO did it and then you find out and BAM! the book is over. It was weird to me. I would still recommend it. I thought it was great. It reminded me a LOT of Gone Girl, but without all the bad language. Similar tone, though.

And that was it! :/ I'm never going to make my goal of 75 books, but I'm still going to truck along and see how far I get.

Back in July we went to Roswell to visit Papa and YaYa and got by for a great visit with Grandmommie as well! Grandmommie is YaYa's mom so she's the boys' only great grandmother. We LOVE getting to see her and visit with her and this time the boys got to swim in her pool. It was a quick visit, but we enjoyed it anyway. Eddie and I especially enjoyed sitting and talking to her for a while.

On the same trip, we also went to see the Gwinnett Braves play. James had been DYING to go to a Braves game, but we decided minor leagues was the better place to start. Y'all, we may never get past minor leagues. It was awesome! I've been to plenty of minor league games, but I'd forgotten how fun they make it. The boys LOVED it.

School is going great for both boys! I obviously hear more about Will than James since I work in Will's school, but both seem to be having fun. One thing that James has been into lately is eating in the cafeteria. Lol!!!!! I thought that I would NEVER let him eat (I am so, SO picky about food), but it is SO SIMPLE not to have to pack a lunch and our county's lunch is free, so who am I to complain? We just check the menu and if it's something he's interested in he gets a tray. Whatever, huh?! 

Will has been doing great as well. He is learning a LOT and loving the 3 year old class. He is still a CLOWN and the other day when the "tough" teacher wasn't there he had a party. Mrs. J said he just thought he'd say how far he could push the line. He broke something and hid in the bathroom. Needless to say, he's lost a handful of stamps this year, but it's been a better year than last year! They keep them busy. It's just the CUTEST age.

Will has also played SOCCER this year. This is his first sport! I plan to do a whole post devoted to this later this week. I can't not do that for him. He and Eddie are both ready for their last game tomorrow night. His little team has been pretty pitiful. They are YOUNG and SMALL.

Aside from all of that, it's more of the same! I'll have more Halloween this month and more posts for soccer, Anna's baby shower, our visit to meet Minnie Cate, etc. all later this week.

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