Monday, October 12, 2015

Little Miss Merritt

Weekend before last we loaded up the car and headed east for the boys to meet Miss Merritt.  To say that they were pumped is the understatement OF. THE. YEAR. James was beside himself. Eddie was beside himself. Will was excited, but possibly a little clueless.

We got a slow start thanks to an ear infection needing to be seen about so we didn't arrive until after lunch and almost game time. {And we're especially sorry that Merritt's experience with Georgia football has been disastrous at best thus far. Extremely sorry.} We all donned our red and black for the festivities {those being sitting around Anna and Lance's and holding a baby}. 

Eddie and James pretty much fought over who was going to hold her all weekend.

Love at first sight. He kept kissing her on the mouth. We had to tell him several times to STOP. Which is hilarious because when we found out she was a girl he told Will adamantly that you DON'T kiss your cousins. Yuck.

This one was smitten, too. He didn't want to hold her as much but he was VERY gentle and quiet.

We headed out to eat after before the game was over and had dinner at CrabDaddy's. We left the new parents and Merritt at home for a while. {We did tell them that they may as well go out NOW because in six months it will be harder.} We were seated in a room with a college baseball team celebrating their 40th reunion. They kept apologizing to us for the noise but we were thrilled to not be the loud table for once!

We wound up staying in a hotel on Saturday night so that we could get a few more snuggles on Sunday. We also stopped by the pier to get a few pressed pennies and we had lunch at Mullet Bay (where James was thrilled that he got a REAL glass to drink out of!). We donned our "Big Cousin" shirts that Mrs. Lori made for us and took a few pictures with "Baby Cousin." No one cooperated for these so we'll try again next time.

"What is dat baby's PWOBLEM?" Can't you just see him saying that? {He didn't really.}

Finally, we went to visit Poppy's boat at the marina where Will fell OFF the dock and INTO the water. Scared me to death. He was awfully cold.

And then he slept the whole way home. :)

It was a fun weekend! We hope to see Miss Merritt again soon!

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