Friday, October 2, 2015

31 Days of Halloween. Favorite Kids' Movies.

We've been to visit Miss Minnie Cate this weekend so I'm playing catch-up on Sunday afternoon and back-dating all of these posts. Halloween for days!

One of my favorite things about Halloween is MOVIE NIGHTS leading up to the holiday. Getting in my jammies, turning out the lights, and snuggling up with a bowl of popcorn? Yes, please. I love a movie! We're pretty big chickens in our house so I prefer my list of kids' movies, but I do have an adult list coming as well. So, what are our favorite kids' Halloween movies?

1. It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! 
This is just a staple for us. I can't remember not watching for years and years. It's such a silly movie, but the boys love it. "I got rocks." Oh, Charlie Brown.
2. Harry Potter 
Well, obviously. I watch Harry Potter any day of the year, but witches and wizards are especially relevant this month. Pick one. Any one! Or have a marathon!
3. Blackbeard's Ghost 
This is an oldie, but a goodie. If you've never seen it you need to find it asap!
4. The Addams Family (Netflix!) 
These were popular in the 90s (I'm talking Christina Ricci, not the TV show). We loved watching this one over and over.
5. Nightmare Before Christmas (Netflix!)
 I'm sort of weird about this one. It is the WEIRDEST movie to me (thank you Tim Burton), but it does fit into the Halloween category. We're watching it, but it's not my favorite.
6. Pooh's Heffalump Halloween Movie
 This is one we haven't seen, but my boys would LOVE it.
7. Tower of Terror
 This is another 90s movie. I haven't seen it, but I need to find a copy of it ASAP. I'm all about hokey 90s Halloween movies.
8. The Witches
 I haven't seen this one either, but I do love the Roald Dahl book. We'll probably read the book AND watch the movie at some point.
9. Hotel Transylvania
Again, we haven't seen it. I think they've just put the sequel out. It looks cute so we'll probably try to catch it on TV at some point.
10. Monsters, Inc
This is SUCH a cute Disney movie. We love Mike Wazowski.
11. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
Oohhhh! Did any of you LOVE this one as a kid? The headless horseman!
12. Bedknobs and Broomsticks
 We watched this one on repeat as children. The boys and I read the book this summer but never watched the movie. It was one of my favorites!
13. The Black Cauldron
 I've missed this one as well somehow, but I want to find it!
14. Casper
Anna and I watched this over and over. Devon Sawa plays Casper as a boy and we swooned when he came on at the end of the movie. :)
15. The Ghost and Mr. Chicken
This is SUCH a funny one. Don Knotts is great in it.
16. Hocus Pocus
This is definitely my favorite one. I can remember watching it probably right after it came out. I pull it out every year and watch it (by myself most of the time!) over and over. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it and would love a sequel. It has a cult following and I would be SHOCKED to hear you hadn't seen it before.

You can also find ABC Family's 13 Nights of Halloween lineup HERE. It has lots of the ones that I mentioned and plenty more!

So what did I leave off? Any favorites? I'll share our grown up favorites soon!

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