Monday, August 3, 2015

Open House.

The day we have been anticipating for WEEKS happened today. We got to find out who James has for Kindergarten and we went to meet her at Open House.

He has been very, VERY apprehensive about Kindergarten and finally admitted today that it's because, "I just haven't ever been away from you for that long before!" Sweetness. I told him when he was one he went to preschool from 9-1 (THAT is fantastic...that extra hour makes a huge difference) and ate lunch at school and he seemed to think that was something.

We arrived at the school just in time to see two of our favorite families walking up! There were familiar faces everywhere! We checked the lists outside, but we already knew who we had thanks to a text from Mrs. Lori mid-morning. James bestest buddy, JM, is in his class this year and it was a BIG DEAL. This is something we've had our fingers crossed about. These boys have had the best time together over the past year, including spending the night together this summer. I never did blog about it.

Back to Open House.

We checked the rosters and then walked down the Kindergarten hall to James' classroom. That lucky boy doesn't just have JM with him. He also has five other friends in his class! I know six or seven kids out of 16 on the roster.

We walked in and James met his teacher and the parapro and their student teacher. Then he found his seat and checked it out for a bit. They asked him if he wanted a cupcake and he declined and then explained to them why he couldn't have a cupcake. :) We answered some questions and asked some questions and James and JM wandered around the room. There is a brand new Lego table and it's too bad, because these boys HATE Legos.

After we had worn out our welcome in the classroom we took a tour around the school and chatted with everyone that we knew. We saw the gym (which James has declared his favorite thing), saw Aunt L (she teaches at James' school and she had already gone to tell his teacher about him), went to the library, and wandered back to the front entrance. As we were leaving we realized we hadn't checked in with the nurse so we went back.

Eddie and I went back and forth A LOT about whether to send James to private or public school. We visited both schools, weighed our pros and cons, etc. etc. We finally decided on one school and I just didn't have a great feeling about it. I changed my mind IN MAY and felt peace about it immediately. One of my biggest concerns, obviously, is James' allergy. I've never let him get very far from me for that reason and I'm pretty particular about what I feed him, how we do things, etc. The school we chose had part-time nurses and I was very, very hesitant about it. Last week a FRIEND was hired as the full-time nurse. I'm still nervous, of course, but I am feeling more confident!

And with that, I will leave you! Here's hoping Week 1 is a success!

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