Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Kindergarten, Day 2.

We dropped James off again this morning and I was perhaps a little less shell-shocked than I was yesterday. I also remembered to take a picture of him with his teacher. He is having so much fun! When I dropped him off today today he said, "Don't you need to tell her something?" I asked what he was talking about and he said, "You need to sign up to volunteer up here!" Lol!

The report today was: they had DOUBLE recess, no computer or music, he didn't learn anything, they have to practice sitting behind the blue line tomorrow (???), and they can't play on the monkey bars because someone fell off and broke their arm. Actually, one broke his arm and one bruised his arm badly. We know both. He also ate a sausage biscuit for his second breakfast. Little boy isn't going to be quite so skinny after a month of double breakfast!

The report from home was this: I am exhausted. I've been keeping late hours (because I'm a night owl having a hard time adjusting) and having to get up early. Today I took a nap. :O I put Will in my bed and turned on YouTube and I took a nap. Here's a throwback - he watched Welcome to Pooh Corner - a live action show on Disney Channel in the was creepy. I woke up in time to shower and and get in the car rider line (at 3 today instead of took about 20-25 minutes today). Will took a nap in line. I hope it doesn't mess up our bedtime.

He is not NEARLY as tired as I expected him to be. I am tired. Eddie is tired. James and Will have boundless energy.  AND the Keurig picked today to break down. We are now the proud owners of a $20 Mr. Coffee until my birthday or Christmas, at which time I'll request another Keurig. Tomorrow, Will and I start pre-planning at preschool. I'm going to need all the coffee.


Lauren said...

LADY! I about panicked when I read that your Keurig broke. That means automatic Starbucks round here. But seriously, I have heard that if you call them, they are fabulous about replacing even if you dont have a receipt. Sounds crazy, but may be worth a shot....I say may be, but you know if it were me, I'd be calling the 1-800 number begging the second it opens in the morn!!!

Simply LKJ said...

The first week is exhausting! Mine would always crash early. No coffee, no bueno!! And, I am really surprised that after all these years and all the broken bones school playgrounds still have monkey bars!!