Thursday, July 9, 2015

Jamberry Application Party

A few weekends ago I had some of my favorite friends over for a Jamberry application party. Jamberry is NOT hard to put on, but it is intimidating and I'd had several friends tell me they wanted to get together for me to help them do a whole manicure with what they like rather than just a sample or two. So we did! And it was fun!

I only had three girls come over (several dropped out on us at the last minute) and it was super low-key and laid back! I will do this again!!! I shared a few tips just to start with, asked what their problems/concerns were, and then we just jumped in! We sat around and chatted, had a snack, and had a new manicure by the time we were all done! It was a hit!

In case you're wondering, I applied these on June 27th and took them off on July 5th since mine was a patriotic look and wanted to change it up. They didn't NEED to be removed, I just wanted them gone. A friend of mine leaves hers on for THREE weeks!

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Anna Catherine said...

I love to put them on my toes and I always get compliments! People are shocked they are Jamberry! I keep mine on 4+ weeks!