Friday, June 12, 2015

Swimming Like a Fishy!

Last week Will took a week of swimming lessons. He was AWESOME. He is such a little fish. We already knew it, but he improved even more this year. He has never, ever, ever been afraid of swimming {which scares US a little bit} and he has never, ever, ever cried at swimming lessons. He's just really a natural. We've always said that his swimming teachers will have a harder time convincing him he doesn't already know HOW to swim than to teach him TO swim. :) Fingers crossed that he'll be our star swimmer in two years. 

Will took four days of swimming and on the fifth day he woke up with a little stomach bug. Thankfully, it was a short-lived one, but poor Grandmama had both boys at her house when it started and they were BOTH sick at the same time. She's a saint. We picked them up on Friday morning and laid low Friday and Saturday. Sadly, Eddie got the bug on Sunday night so we've spent this week avoiding him. I'm the only one who has managed to escape {so far!}. I've been cleaning and wiping and sanitizing to keep from getting it or the boys getting it again! YUCK. These Fresh boys and their stomach viruses! We pick them up easily, apparently!

Will swam at Kelly's one day this week after VBS and he was picking up dive sticks off the bottom of five feet. THAT is pretty awesome, huh? He's going to sprout fins!

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