Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Pomp and Circumstance

On Monday night my itty bitty baby boy graduated from preschool. We have been SO thankful for our time in preschool. This has been our third school in four years and we have loved, loved, loved it. James has thrived this year. He has grown and changed and matured and he is READING. He's also doing basic addition and subtraction, but that's not nearly as exciting to me. (I'm KIDDING.) We are just so thankful for our preschool experiences. And so sad to leave and head off to "big school." Happy-sad.

On Monday we headed up to the sanctuary a full thirty minutes before we were SUPPOSED to be there. Grandmama got the front row of the balcony for her crew and Eddie and I headed down front for better pictures. I had the biggest and best surprise when I arrived because someone had "reserved" three spots for us in the first non-reserved row. I was so, so, so thankful because it is insane how quickly the spots fill up.

Soon, it was time to begin! The three year old classes were first with their songs and then it was the graduates turn! The mamas were invited to sit on the front rows while the graduates performed, but I should have just stayed in my seat because I couldn't SEE James from there. Next time I will know to check before moving!

I got James a gift for graduating, but Brother got one as well just because. We opened those when we got home.

{Jurassic World cars, a book, and a movie for Will. Eddie asked if the Jurassic World cars were for me. Nooooo.}

{LEGOS for the graduate! Two sets of Harry Potter and two sets of Indiana Jones. He was excited. They took lots and lots of patience on eBay. He has since lost them. I know exactly where they are but I'm waiting to see how long it will take for him to find him. Bless him, he inherited his mama's organizational skills.}

And just like that we're off and away to Kindergarten! Two more days of school!

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