Friday, April 3, 2015

Special Olympics 2015

I'm skipping around a little bit here {I need to go back and share about last weekend, our trip to the strawberry patch with James' class, and swim team}, but I just pulled up and edited all of those photos so we're going with it!

We went to our county's Special Olympics today and had a great time! I took the boys last year for about an hour and a half but this year we went to almost the whole thing. The boys LOVE it and really and truly think they're participants. :) We've talked to James a little bit about what Special Olympics is all about, but mostly I'm just happy to expose him to this great event! We hope that he'll continue to love it and enjoy volunteering for many years to come. Grandmama puts a LOT of time and energy into planning and pulling it off and we're happy to see it each year.

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