Tuesday, April 7, 2015


James joined swim team this year with two of his buddies. {I should say I joined two of my friends for social hour twice a week because, let's be honest...that's all it's about. HA!} He has asked to do swim team for MONTHS and I was thrilled that he was so excited about it because he has NEVER shown excitement over ball practice.

So far we've had an evaluation and two practices and he is still just as pumped as he was to begin with. And that's pretty awesome because $$$$$. There's a big difference in sports with volunteer coaches and private sports with paid coaches. Shoooo weeeee. We made it very clear that when he signed up he finishes this whole thing. No skipping because he doesn't want to go. We reserve skipped practices for illness and being out of town. He'll already miss two practices in April for that so NO MORE SKIPPING. Not to mention, we just don't quit when we decide we don't like something anymore. He has agreed to this and is still very excited.

The evaluations lasted all of 3 minutes. He had to swim from one side of the shallow end to the other, kick board back, and blow bubbles. He was promptly put into the "minnows" category with his two buddies. Minnows practice twice a week and have the option to participate in three swim meets. We haven't decided about the swim meets yet. We'll cross that bridge when we get there.

At their first practice, the minnows learned one stroke and practiced kicking. They're still in the splashy stage of swimming so Coach L tried her best to shut that down. I missed yesterday's practice, but Eddie said it was about breathing technique.

I'll be ordering his jammers and fins this week and I hope that's all he'll need. And I hope that Will participates in two years so that we get a few uses out of these things! Any swim team advice for us? This is new territory!

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Lauren said...

I cannot believe yall are in the water there already!! They are getting our pools ready but BRRRRRR! Too cold for me! AM (I think) is doing something similar but her age doesnt swim in meets. I need to get all of the deets!!! My one drother with this is it means me getting out of bed to get her there....... we all know how thats gonna go. Haha!