Monday, April 27, 2015

Ears and Tonsils, Legos and Whips.

How's that for a title? Wonder what kind of hits I'll get on ye olde blog from using the word "whips." Hmmm....

So where were we??? Let's recap all of last week since we I didn't share at all, hmm?

Monday Mom and I hit the road early to head to Atlanta. The boys spent the weekend with Papa and Yaya and I had a vendor event at the Mercer campus in Atlanta so we just coordinated and I picked the littles up on Monday evening. We got to see some of our best buddies - the Trains - and all is well when my ducklings are back home in my nest. {They had a blast, as usual, and Eddie and I got a lot done at home. The boys went to Roswell, the lake, and then back to Atlanta to the zoo!} On our way home we stopped for supper at a Chick-fil-A Dwarf House. I'm sort of sorry I ever have to go to a regular CFA again because this was SO fun! Despite the crying and exhausted child we had with us, we had a ball! 

On Tuesday Will was ADAMANT that he was not going to school. He got SO upset about it so I just kept him home with me. He and I ran some errands and got a few things done before it was time to pick up James. Nothing big.

On Wednesday when we were heading to school (I teach on Wednesdays) Will felt a tiny bit warm to me, but acted like he was feeling fine so we went on to school. I warned his teachers that he was warm and just to watch him. Around 11 they found me and told me he was getting warmer (I think he was only ever 99.5 so not a huge deal) and was FREEZING. I called Grandmama to come pick him up. She took him home and gave him some Motrin (he was complaining that his jaw hurt so we were thinking it was some kind of sinus pressure/pain). She took the boys out to lunch and he was WIDE OPEN and ate a LOT. Later, though, when I picked him up at choir he was feeling worse.

I made the executive decision to take Will to have his ears checked on Thursday morning. But FIRST, we registered James for KINDERGARTEN. Ahhhhh! I filled out all the paperwork to send my bitty baby off to big school in the fall and Mr. Will played quietly on his iPad. James is THRILLED about Kindergarten so I've remained positive about it, but I'm going to miss him!

Will and I scooted off to the doctor's office at 10 and the Nurse Practioner we saw said he had an ear infection and his tonsils looked yucky. He did NOT test positive for strep. She thought he might have mono or just tonsillitis. {I actually saw our pediatrician on Saturday and after I described my WILD CHILD's "sick" behavior she said it was NOT mono.} He ran fever less than 24 hours and is feeling FINE now, but we have an antibiotic for a few more days.

Also to be noted this week is that we watched a dove and her babies in their nest outside on our front porch. Yes, our porch is dirty and needs a scrubbing and a paint job. Please ignore that. The dove had two babies as far as we could tell and they flew the coop yesterday morning. It was neat to watch, but as always birds are GROSS and messy.

James had a fun birthday party for a friend on Saturday. It was an Indiana Jones theme so you KNOW we loved that. He's already planning his own. On the way to the party I looked in my mirror and said, "How are you doing back there, Indiana?" and he responded, "Call me Dr. Jones." That boy. They love "the boy with the whip."

Speaking of Indiana Jones, I am on the hunt. If you have any Lego sets that are older and you'd like to get rid of, I would love to take them off your hands. Send me your price! ;) James has decided Legos are the greatest things but the Lego sets available now are not really things he's interested in. He doesn't know anything about Star Wars and isn't really into the Lego movie {and seems to be moving on from Ninja Turtles, although Will was really more into that} and that's about all there are out there. He would looooooove Harry Potter or Indiana Jones Legos. I just haven't been able to afford those on eBay and I'm a little concerned about not receiving complete sets there. Maybe I'll track something down by Christmas. ;) 

Sunday the big boys went to church and I kept Will home for one more day. Later we played at Grandmama and Granddaddy's. Golf and tackle football were on the agenda.

Aside from the illness we had a pretty good week/weekend. We started back over first thing this morning with the boys at school, Eddie at work, and me trying to run a million errands in a 3 hour period. More swimming, school, etc. for us this week! 

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