Thursday, March 26, 2015

Helllllooooo Out There!

Long time, no blog. I have lots to update on, including Eddie's fun surprise party last weekend, but I haven't had very much time to sit so it hasn't been done yet. I feel like most of my posts are about how BUSY we are and how much we're doing and I just don't have time. I can't decide if it's time to shut ye olde blog down or just update when I can. Who knows.

On Monday I woke up and felt TERRIBLE. James' class was supposed to go to the strawberry patch but it was raining and that was canceled. I've never been so thankful. It has been rescheduled for a day when I was subbing for the other pre-K class anyway so I'll be a sub and a mama for the field trip next time. I took the opportunity to rest on the sofa and read. When the boys came home from school Eddie fixed their lunch and I got them to take a nap and I slept! I never take naps while they're asleep! It was much-needed.

On Tuesday I got a haircut (again, much-needed) while the boys were at school. Eddie and I had to attend a meeting about SWIM TEAM for James after work. Swim team! This is a totally new thing to us. I wasn't ever home during the summer to join swim team so when James put in to do it I had no clue...NO clue. Thankfully, we've recruited a few friends with us for this new way of life. Two practices a week and several meets this summer on weekends. It will be interesting. He is SO excited. Eddie and I are not fans of the year-round sports, so this is just a season for us. If he likes it we'll do it again next year. James is not my athlete and hasn't ever been excited about sports, but he is pumped. It will be interesting to see this develop - we have several friends for whom swim team is a way of life. I'm excited for him to have something just for him, though. He lacks confidence in swimming so I'm hoping this will make him a much more confident {read: safer} swimmer. Will is just distraught he's not allowed to join. Who wants to place bets on how many times I pull him out of the pool at practice. We may be looking for a babysitter for him. 

Tuesday night I had book club. We read The Wedding Dress by Rachel Hauck this month. It was an okay book. Nothing life changing, but not bad! It would be a good book to read while traveling because I thought it was light and it went by quickly. 

Yesterday I worked, we stayed after school for a work day (Wednesday work days make for long days!), we went and picked up a snack and went BACK to church to drop James off for choir, Will and I went to Cacky's, and then we went back to church for supper. Looooonnnnng day. Long. And of all days, I forgot to wear my Fitbit so not one step was tracked and I KNOW I walked a ton.

Today I went to observe a kindergarten class at our school 'o choice for next year. I was really just along for the ride with another friend, but it was neat to see. They didn't do a TON while we were there, but it was nice to get to visit anyway. 

We have some FUN events going on this weekend. I'm riding over to Anna's house for a Jamberry party while the boys will remain here and do a boat-load of pre-Easter activities at church. It's also Palm Sunday so we have a few things on Sunday that we'll participate in. I want to take James to see Cinderella, so we'll see if that happens. Next week James has swim team evaluations, I'm working four days, we're going on a field trip, we have Bunco, Special Olympics, and waiting for the Easter Bunny. CRAZY busy days ahead. :) LOTS of fun! (My teaching buddy is in the hospital delivering her baby as we SPEAK so I hope we can squeeze in a visit with her new boy as well!) Lots and lots of fun!

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Anna Catherine said...

No!!! You can't quit the blog! How else would I spy on you?!?