Monday, February 9, 2015


Ahhhhhh. Can you feel that? The weight that lifts off your shoulders after the holiday season? What's that you say? You think it's February 9th and the holidays have been over for weeks? I disagree. The holiday seasons start around here with James' birthday and they don't end until we're done partying for Will. We had his party this past weekend and while his birthday isn't until Friday, I feel like I can relax.

In October we moved, celebrated James' birthday, (I think we totally skipped Kelly's birthday, but it's in there, too), did the whole trick-or-treat thing, and celebrated my birthday. November was a little bit less crazy since there's only Thanksgiving. December was it's normal ridiculousness with CHRISTMAS, PRESENTS, SANTA, PARTIES, we throw Grandmama's birthday in there for good measure, etc. Whew! January gives us a teensy bit of a reprieve, but it is also host to several birthdays of family members and friends. And then we get to Will's birthday in February. I don't even worry about or focus on Valentine's Day anymore since he was born a whopping 17 minutes before that Hallmark Holiday. (I think it was 17 minutes. His birth has always been VERY fuzzy for me. It was DARK and late. That's about the extent of my memory. Thank goodness for pictures.) 

So this week even though I'm still going 90 miles an hour (Bible Study, choir, lunch with a friend, two days of work, a field trip, cupcakes to Will's class, and Valentine's parties on Friday), I feel relaxed. Lol! The busy season is over...for now. :) Let's be honest, though. Life with two little boys is always busy. I'm just hoping now I can clean out our office and garage and have a yard sale ASAP.

Coming up! A plethora of posts about the past few days/weeks. Stay tuned!

{Relaxing in the hammock with his best girl.}


Lauren said...

I feel the same way!!! Like I survived the crazy of the fall and just came up for air! I can finally breathe and though Mills' birthday is coming up, I am actually enjoying it as its not as hectic as the fall! Should we ever, ever have another baby, we need to seriously try to plan for summer. ;)

Meggie said...

We get relax soon... Layton's party is 21st! Then and only then will our "holiday season" be past. Ha! Happy for you though!