Friday, February 20, 2015

Life Lately.

Well, hello out there in blogland! Suddenly it is Friday. FRIDAY! Life is flying by. It doesn't slow down for anything, does it?

Our Valentine's weekend was fun! We don't ever do much on Valentine's Day because A) we have a February 13th baby now, 2) we hate crowds of people and waiting at a restaurant, and D) we just aren't big romantical-type people. On Friday we went out for Will's birthday to...wait for it...Zaxby's! That was his pick, obviously. :) We had breakfast in bed for him, too. That was always our tradition with Mama, but I've never been a morning person and I'm usually not up before the boys. Now that I'm working, I am! Eddie made muffins and he opened three more gifts from us (he got a bike at his party) - Lego Duplos, a Lego book, and a Diego movie.

{This was after I confiscated his plate and took away two cookies and a cupcake. Sheesh! (Food allergy probs, not mama-diet probs. Just to be clear.)}

On Saturday I went to a friend's baby shower. It was supposed to last from 11-1 and I left at 2:30! We had a good time!

Saturday night we grilled steaks at home with the little boys. We had Valentine's gifts for them on Saturday morning - they got 101 Dalmatians and they each got a dalmatian stuffed animal and an M&Ms heart. I got Eddie two new games - both from the Ticket to Ride family - and he got me a new faucet for my kitchen sink that I desperately needed. See? Romantical, huh?

We have made it 4.5 days on our 14 day plan and while there have been some bumps in the road, I have remained true to the limitations set. Eddie has not. I came in last Wednesday night and he'd bought a bag of dark chocolate Hershey's Kisses. "Ummm....WHAT THE HECK?!" was my text to him. Lol! He claims I told him that dark chocolate is ok - and it is AFTER the detox. :) Stinker. He's also had a biscuit. That's all that I know about. You can rest assured that I have only had what I'm supposed to have. I've discovered that I don't like many vegetables (maybe just reaffirmed this...) and that I really, REALLY hope that dairy isn't one of my problems (I NEEEEEED cheese!). I've also lost 3.8 pounds since Monday morning. That's crazy to me. What will a whole week of this look like??? What will TWO weeks of this look like? I will do a food-specific post soon. I'm learning! I have a FANTASTIC friend/teaching partner who is a health coach and I am so thankful to have been able to bounce ideas off of her. She doesn't eliminate all the things that we have this week, but she limits most of them and that's been helpful!

On Tuesday James, Eddie, and I along with Dr. L, Mrs. J, and their little girl J went to visit the primary school that we're zoned for. We visited the private school in the fall so now we have to pick between the two. We were very impressed with the school and have some big things to think about! Mrs. Lori gave us the tour and she was VERY sweet to do that for us. Mrs. J and I are probably headed back to sit in a kindergarten class just to see what a day looks like. I cannot BELIEVE we are headed to Kindergarten next year!!!

The boys have been busy little bees, as usual. Wednesdays are ALWAYS busy for us, but especially when I have a preschool work day. Grandmama picked them up yesterday and took them to lunch with her and then to her house. I met them at church at 3:15 (I never left!) and Will and I packed food bags for kids in our area. He was interested and it turned out to be a great opportunity for teaching. At 3, he surely didn't understand being hungry and needy, but it opened a door. James wants to do it soon, too, so hopefully either Grandmama or I will have the opportunity to take him. After we packed bags, Will and I headed home to start supper. He crashed on the sofa around 5pm. I got supper started and sat for a few minutes to read. It was nice to have quiet that time of day because it is usually anything but! Eddie came home and we ate supper with Will and played with him. James went with Grandmama to church supper after choir and then they went and watched our high school's sectional basketball games. Our girls won and our boys lost. James has been TOTALLY into basketball this year and has already declared that he is playing Upward next year.

Will's class doesn't take field trips (who wants to take 14 2-year-olds anywhere?!), but Dr. L came to Will's class this week to talk about dental health. I snagged the picture from our school's website, so I hated to leave those faces in it. {I know, I know. It gives me a headache to look at that, too. I just didn't want to put sunglasses on 20+ other faces.} There's my Will front and center, though. Thumbs-up for brushing our teeth! {Both my boys got a toothbrush from Dr. L and you would have thought they'd hit the jackpot! We see him often, but when he's in his "dentist" clothes it's like they've spotted a celebrity!}

Today was our Red, White, and Blue parade at school. The boys were PUMPED about it and I even wore red jeans and a denim jacket to celebrate the occasion. {I work there so it wasn't weird that I was dressed up. Lol!} James got to march at the front and drum. Will walked and picked his nose. Lord, have mercy. I am raising two VERY different boys! Both were surprised to see me there! I forgot to tell Eddie about it and James was upset he didn't come.

The boys are headed to a basketball game tonight and have some fun things planned for this weekend. Yea, for the weekend!

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That last picture is absolutely adorable!!! Seriously cutest thing ever!!!