Monday, February 23, 2015

A Baby No More!

On Saturday morning I asked my tiny little infant baby if he wanted to wear big boy undies. We've asked this question before, and mostly he's not been into it. I haven't "potty trained" him. We haven't taken days where we've set the timer and gone every 10 minutes. I haven't loaded him up with juice and made him sit until he goes...we've just kind of let him do his own thing. But this weekend he said, "YES!" and picked out his "favorite" pair of "Tee-tee Nouse Cubhouse!" undies. He and I had a date on Saturday that included lunch, a train ride, visiting some animals at a nearby museum, and running into two stores. He pottied (potty-ed?? he went to the bathroom...) right before we rode the train and was PERFECT for the rest of the time. When we got home he played and had two accidents right in a row. No biggie!

On Sunday afternoon I put big boy undies back on him and we tried again. He forgot and went potty twice - once riding in his Jeep outside and once at Mama's for supper. No biggie! We're getting it!

When we got ready for school this morning I asked him what he wanted to wear and he said, "Big boy undies!" so we put them on again. Bless his teachers. I HOPE that he's done ok today at school, but we shall see. He has a doctor's appointment right after school today so I'm going to pack a whole clean outfit for him to wear.

I'm not saying that we're "done" potty training, because 4 accidents in two days is not done. BUT I'm hoping that we'll continue to do better and in days to come we'll be in big boy undies 90% of the time! Wooohooooo!

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