Monday, January 12, 2015

Manic Monday...

We're hitting the ground running this morning! Haircut, grocery store, boys at school, making veggie soup, and a women's conference tonight. Busy day, but all fun things! Too bad it's rainy out!

Since we're busy little bees, I wanted to share some of my favorites as of late.

1. Essential Oils. I took the plunge before Christmas and ordered myself a starter kit for Young Living's essential oils. I'm not doing it to sell, but I did want to share it with you. I ordered the starter kit so that I could get the most bang for my buck and so far I am having a lot of fun learning about them. I'm using Thieves oil the most for keeping us well - Will has had a SICK year {for him!} so I'm working hard to keep him well. It doesn't help that he still puts everything in his mouth. I've rubbed it on their feet and backs and diffused it during bath time. I've even added it to my own bath water. I would LOVE to learn more about oils so if you have any tips to share, please do!

2. Ticket to Ride. This is our new favorite game. I ordered it last week with some one of my Christmas Amazon gift cards and we LOVE it. It's a grown up game because of the strategery {that's absolutely a real word!} that has to go into it, but Eddie and I have had the most fun playing. We played it THREE times yesterday after we opened it. It does take one round to really learn how to play, but then it's a breeze. I foresee this one being played a LOT in the next few weeks.

3. Blue Bloods. I found this show on Netflix recently and I love it. I'm a sucker for a police show - I love Law & Order SVU but I gave it up after Elliott left. We watched Rizzoli & Isles for several seasons, too. This one is good and I'm enjoying it so far!

4. THREE. I'm having a fun time planning Will's birthday party. I need to finalize things THIS WEEK because it's under a month away. Yikes. Despite what he may tell you, it is NOT going to be Ninja Turtle themed. He's saying that just to make me crazy. I cannot BELIEVE he's about to be THREE years old!

5. Outlander. Is anyone else watching this series on Starz? I'm almost finished with the first season (the second starts in April) and I have the first book ready to go on my Kindle. LOVE it.

Hope y'all have a great Monday!


Meggie said...

Oh my we looove Blue Bloods! The Reagans are my favorite! I love that's it's a cop show but that it's so personal and family centered too. AND conservative I might add. =) Most cop shows are just about solving the crime and pretty much nothing else so I love the family aspect of Blue Bloods. Glad you discovered a great show!

PS... We are currently planning a 6th birthday party and a 1st birthday party. Craziness! Haha!

Unknown said...

We LOVE Ticket to Ride!!!!! Such a fun game! The first time I played I won and that will probably never happen again!!!