Friday, December 12, 2014

'Tis the Season?

On the...wait, what day is it?!?

We interrupt this 25 days of Christmas countdown because we have had all KINDS of germs in our house this week and I'm BEHIND. I had a whole list of things to do this week...and then Will was sick last Saturday-Tuesday and that threw me for a loop. We rallied and the week was going better and then Eddie got sick on Saturday. And he never gets sick, but when he does he is SICK. I seriously, SERIOUSLY think he has the flu, but he wouldn't go to the doctor so we don't know. Unless one of the rest of us comes down with it and gets tested (and let's face it - the chances are HIGH), we'll never know. I've been playing single parent for two days and I got in bed with Will tonight and almost cried I was so tired and frustrated. He wrapped his little arms around me and patted my hair and sang to me. SO SWEET. But I was still frustrated. HA! Fingers crossed we can backtrack a little bit. Y'all pray for us. We have Polar Express tickets for Thursday and that's the last thing I want to miss. We look forward to that. Everything else can be postponed or moved, but not that. :/ 

*** Originally posted on December 14th ***


Meggie said...

Oh no!! Daddy being sick is NOT good for mama! Praying for everybody to get well and stay well!

The Morrows said...

So sorry! I know how stressful that is. Praying for health for your family so you can enjoy the season.

Have loved the 25 days of Christmas!