Friday, December 5, 2014

Grinch Night!

On the fifth day of Christmas...

It's GRINCH NIGHT at our house! We've done this before, but it sort of evolves every time we do it. One year we had "Roast Beast" and "Who Pudding." This year James requested lasagna. Uhhhh. Ok! Ha! So we're sort of winging it. I brought out fun green stuff, we worked on a Grinch handprint painting (it's a liiiiiittle bit of a stretch...squint your eyes and maybe you can see Max and the Grinch), we had green milk, we had Christmas tree Peeps in our s'mores (I didn't...yuck) by the fire, we had green straws, and we watching the animated Grinch after baths. The boys have been PUMPED.

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