Monday, December 1, 2014

George is Back!

On the first day of Christmas...

Because I've been a terrible, horrible, no-good, non-existent blogger lately, I'm vowing to blog MORE in December. Here's hoping! A few years ago I did a "25 Days of Christmas" series and it's back this year! Wooohooo!

We have an Elf on the Shelf at our house and we LOVE him. He's pretty much awesome. The boys think he's amazing even though he doesn't do much but move from place to place at night. George was given his name in 2011 when I was BIG pregnant with Will. Will didn't have a name yet and James had christened him George. We KNEW he wasn't Santa sent us an elf with that name. James loves that story. This is George's fourth Christmas with us. This year he brought us a pair of jammies with a Nativity on the front, a Christmas book for each boy (a signed copy of Pete the Cat's Christmas and James Rice's The Cowboy's Night Before Christmas), and a new flannel pillow case for each (Elf on the Shelf for Will, The Grinch for James). SO fun. He also brought his buddy, Clark W., with him this year for extra fun. Santa is sending out some reindeer with his elves this year and we can pet and hold our reindeer to fill up his love tank and help power Santa's sleigh (that's definitely the abbreviated version!). The boys are so excited about what's in store for them this year!

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