Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt

On the tenth day of Christmas...

Tonight was our annual Christmas lights scavenger hunt. I've had SO many people ask me what in the world that is. I come up with a list each year of different lights we look for - snowman, 3 animals in one yard, blinking lights, music with lights, etc. - and we start out looking for all of those things. Tonight we added in jammies and hot chocolate for our trip. 

James and Will spent the afternoon with Grandmama while I was at my teacher Christmas party so they were This was Will at 4:30 this afternoon: 

So he was a FABULOUS little one to eat supper with. I thought our night might not happen...but he rallied at the idea of HOT CHOCOLATE!

I told Eddie while we were driving around that this is the FIFTH year we've been doing this. Five years ago we weren't marking off a list, but we were trying to get this cranky little thing to realize that SLEEP IS GOOD.

It works like a charm with him:

But not his brother who isn't EVER interested in falling asleep in the car:

We marked almost everything off our list tonight and had a great time listening to the Home Alone soundtrack. It was a fun night!

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pcb said...

Such a cute tradition; bet one day they'll be doing this with their own kids and remembering how much fun they had when they were little boys!