Saturday, November 15, 2014

I'm Makin' a List...for James

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I made lists for my boys WEEKS ago and have been adding to them steadily. I rely on word of mouth, ideas I have when I'm out and about, and my boys, of course, to putting these Christmas lists together. We've *pretty much* narrowed down what we're getting both boys and these items may still wind up under our tree, but aren't necessarily going to. I'll save our for sure items for after Christmas. Still, these items have a place on the list and will be recommended if anyone asks what they want. These are certainly not needs. :) This list is for your bigger boys, James' age and older. I'll share Will's list next week!

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1. All little boys need a teepee, right? This would be PRECIOUS and the black and white stripes would match our playroom. The best part is that it folds up for corner or closet storage.
2. Duffy Bear! This is a trick from Disney. :) Duffy Bear is Mickey's own personal teddy. You can dress him up in various outfits. Basically, this is my answer for boy moms who really want American Girl dolls. LOL!
3. MAN pajamas. James wants some badly. These from Gap are CUTE.
4. Disney Pictopia. This looks like such a fun game and we are all about family game night at our house.
5. Disney Infinity for Wii. A new Wii game. This one has other games you can add on to it later. James has been all about the Wii recently. This one would be fun. There's a new version for Wii U, but we have to stick to the basic Wii at our house.
6. Magformers are blocks that I've heard about for a while. They are PRICY, but according to those who have them, they're worth it. 
7. A new robe. To go with his MAN pajamas.
8. Lego Duplo is the perfect stepping stone to Legos. We got Legos for James' birthday and HOLY COW. They are not for the faint of heart. If you're not ready to spend hours assisting your kid put together those crazy creation, Lego Duplo or Lego Junior is a great start.
9. Zoomer the Robot Dog. James is robot-stinkin'-crazy. We have NO CLUE where this came from. He has seen these robot dogs all over lately (apparently they're the hot toy this year?) and is obsessed. I'm not sure that Santa is bringing him this, but boy does he want it!

What are your 5-7 year old boys getting for Christmas this year?

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