Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Long Time, No Blog!

So we're busier than we've ever been. That's just life, huh? We run from one thing to the next and when the boys are sleeping I either have a million to-do list things to get done, or I just want to do nothing. Unpacking and organizing a home is busy. Teaching school (even if it's just two days a week) is busy. Two year olds and almost-five-year-olds (where's my paper bag?!) are BUSY. The bigger they get, the busier we get. Jamberry is busy. (Thank goodness for that!) Being involved in a million clubs/organizations/committees/Sunday Schools is busy. So I just got wrapped up in all that living and I haven't blogged in ELEVEN days. Whoops!

Here's what we've done:

* The boys went to Papa and YaYa's for the weekend LAST weekend. Eddie and I thought we'd unpack a little and have a little down time. WRONG. We moved all day on Saturday and part of the day on Sunday. There was WAY MORE in that rental house than I realized. I actually called and requested they stay one more day and picked them up at lunch on Monday. I have pictures of their weekend, but I can't find them. :/

* Tuesday I went with James on a field trip to the pumpkin patch. SO fun! I'll post about it separately.

* Wednesday and Friday are teaching days for me. That means we're up and going earlier than normal and we're gone later. Wednesdays are also choir days so that means we get home late and get a shorter nap because we're right back out the door for church. 

* Will had a doctor's appointment on Tuesday afternoon. This was unexpected. He had a runny nose all last weekend while he was with Papa and YaYa and then ran a fever on Monday night. I FREAKED OUT about EV-D68 or whatever it's called and took him in - I'm not a big "sick visit" person, shockingly. We haven't had one in over a year...typically we just wait it out unless it's terrible. He had a double ear infection so I was glad we went.

* We played on the playground at school after school on Thursday. We've picnicked with friends two weeks in a row. That's been FUN!

* This weekend we went to the last home football game that we'll be able to go to this year. It was the class of '94s reunion so Eddie spent some of the game visiting with friends (it wasn't his reunion). James spent some of the game running his little self silly in the end zone. Will spent some all of the game eating. We left in the third quarter and when we got home, James got sick. Ughhhh. Thankfully, we were all spared the embarrassment of public throw-up and thankfully it was just a one-time thing.

* On Saturday we made plans to go to a pumpkin patch/fall festival with some of Eddie's cousins, but we canceled in case James really WAS sick (he wasn't). Instead, Cacky came and took the boys to the playground.

* Sunday was BUSY. James was singing at church and he'd been looking forward to it all week long. It was his first time to sing in "big church." Mr. James is a little bit of a performer. Singing is his thing.

* Sunday afternoon Grandmama and Granddaddy put a swing set up in our back yard! They also went and picked up the Bobby Lou (our boat-shaped sandbox) out of the rental house's backyard. My boys are LOVING their "new" backyard.

* Yesterday James had a dentist appointment. He had his little toofies cleaned and got his little chipped tooth smoothed down. 

* Tonight I saw Gone Girl with my Book Club crowd. It was SO GOOD. It was very, very, very true to the book. I still prefer to read books first, but I'd say if you're not a reader GO SEE IT.

* We've played lots and LOTS of games recently.

* And Mrs. Bobby fall-ified my front porch last week. I hadn't realized I needed to pressure wash the sidewalk (HA! I mean Eddie needs to...). Big old mums are still alive and kicking for now!

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