Thursday, October 23, 2014

Calling All Recruits!

Over the summer, James and I saw Disney's Planes: Fire & Rescue. He wasn't a huge fan of the original planes movie, but he LOVED this one. Dusty, the main character from Planes, returns to become a fire fighter. James' favorite character was Blade Ranger, the helicopter who is Dusty's mentor and head of the Piston Peak Air Attack team.

When we left the theater, James was beside himself with excitement. He knew all the way back in July that he wanted a Planes: Fire & Rescue party for his birthday and I agreed because I was all caught up in his excitement. It turned out to be a problem. Do you know how much character stuff there is for birthday parties when the movie has JUST come out? Not much. Pinterest was of no help...I think we were the first Planes: Fire & Rescue birthday party in the country. However, I just did what those annoying girls from Arendelle do...I just "let it go." I went with red, yellow, and orange. I had a friend whip up a fun invitation. I bought some character things from Target and WalMart for our goody bags. Ms. Nancy made us an awesome birthday cake. And we held it at the church's gym with two bouncy/blow-up things so that no one would notice I didn't have fabulous decorations. Not a soul cared. Hallelujah and amen.

James had a FUN birthday with all of his friends for the first time ever. I was SHOCKED at how overwhelming present opening is with five year olds. Yowzers. They are an excitable group. It was a great day for our big boy. He hasn't been this excited about a birthday ever in his whole LIFE!

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