Thursday, July 31, 2014

Summer Goals - July!

This summer has just FLOWN by for us. I cannot believe it's the LAST DAY of July. We have another month on our summer goals calendar and I KNOW some of these things won't get done. BUT there are more fun things to be marked off so we're plowing full steam ahead.

School starts for the boys on the 18th so we're just under 3 weeks out. {Oddly enough, one nearby county started MONDAY and Houston County where we used to live starts today. Unbelievable. July is still summer. I'm for going back after Labor Day!} BOTH of my boys are going 5 days a week this year. That's a big change from Will's twice a week schedule. It's going to make us busier, for sure. In addition to that, I'll be with the boys twice a week rocking sweet little babies in the nursery. I think I have nine babies on my roll (I'll find out next week) and two more are due to arrive in the winter. There are only two of us in the classroom. That's a LOT of babies for four hands. Eddie's hoping this will quiet my "baby bug." This will definitely be a change from teaching 8th and 9th graders! {My book club is reading To Kill a Mockingbird in the spring, though, so it will take me back!} In any case, we decided to send Will five days so I'd still have some errand running and cleaning time and I may wind up teaching a Bible Study one of the mornings. We'll see.

This month we knocked a few things off of our list. We still have a LOT to do. This has been the boys' busiest summer ever, thanks to having great friends close this year. We've stayed busy with our friends, busy with camp, and busy with Grandmama. I'm not worried about marking everything off this list because this has been our best summer yet! As summer winds down, we're just going to enjoy it. {And I am SO ready for school to start. I miss the structure when we're out. That's why I've loved the preschool camp!} Enjoy the rest of your summer, however long it is!

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Simply LKJ said...

I can't believe the schools are starting back up already, and I don't have any in school anymore (college, yes). My oldest had to report for preplanning this past Monday, and the kids report this coming Monday. NUTS!! Sounds like you will have your hands full, literally!! They are so precious though. That is why I teach the littles...gets my baby/toddler fix in and then I can send them home!