Saturday, July 26, 2014

Silly Boy Funnies.

I've been posting some of the funny things the boys say and do on Facebook and several people reminded me to WRITE THEM DOWN, so here goes.

May 28th:
We told Will before Christmas that we were giving his pacifiers to Santa. Well...parent fail on that one. We moved him to a big boy bed around the same time and wanted him to continue to sleep through the night so he kept his paci. In an effort to get rid of the thing, I just cut the tipp off of his paci and put him down for a nap and he is distraught. He is laying in bed yelling, "NO, MAMA! HO! HO! HO!" {Update: We DID send his paci to Santa and Santa sent him back a Batman toy and a Batman movie for being such a big boy. Naptime is still a disaster, but he hasn't asked about the paci anymore.}

June 25th:
Every once in a while I hear a word that means James is still not the grown-up boy HE thinks he is. This morning? Spalatula. That thing you flip pancakes with. He also says ephelant sometimes.

July 17th:
While sitting at the gas station a convertible pulled in and parked in front of us. From the back I heard James say, "Awwww, man! They don't have a lid! They have to sit out in the hot sun!" After I finished cracking up I explained that they didn't want the roof on the car. My child, who is not a fan of the windows being down while we drive (he gets that from his mama), could NOT for the life of him understand why anyone would purchase a car like that.

July 23rd:
Will: Nee (James)! Nee! You yike me?
James: I like you more than I like a bowl of pudding!
Will: Ewwwwww! (Looks delighted. Someone really, really wants his brother to like him.)

July 25th:
Will funny of the day...Eddie and I were talking this afternoon about how it was good we had gone into St. Augustine for lunch this morning instead of staying at the condo to swim since it rained. Will said, "Yea! Wain ness up ny hey-ah!" (Translation...Rain mess up my hair!) It does get BIG in the humidity.

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