Monday, July 7, 2014

Independence Day!

Ready for a flood of pictures for the 4th of July? We spent our weekend at the lake with Grandmama and Granddaddy. We hadn't been to the lake on the fourth since James was two so it felt like it had been a while. We wound up spending the night and had an entire day to play on the 5th! We had so much fun! {Not pictured is the part where I busted my head on the ground on my third time down the slip 'n slide at the Dorminey/Webster's. Ouch. 30 is older than 16.}

Thursday, July 3rd:

We had a TIME with naps on Thursday afternoon which was not good news since we knew we'd be out late at our town's fireworks. {The college puts the fireworks on and they're closed on the 4th so they do them the day before.} James slept. And then slept again on the floor. Will never closed his eyes.

The boys went and picked up KFC for our patriotic supper. SO far from healthy and we never eat it, but it's tradition to eat fried chicken before the fireworks, so we did.

Afterwards, we bathed {which was an unfortunate thing since the boys needed another bath once we got home} and headed out to find a parking spot. Turns out, we MIGHT could have seen them from our house, but now we'll never know.


We had a LONNNNNNG wait. We pulled in at 8pm and they wound up not shooting the fireworks until 9:40. NINE FORTY. So we broke out the DVD player. :) Thankfully, the Warrens arrived soon after so we played with them until it was time.

We arrived home and I posted this for all of the Instagram to see. Eddie and I played James' new game - Disney Hedbanz. It's HILARIOUS. Lots of fun. We've enjoyed it.

Friday, July 4th:

We headed up to the lake a little before lunch on Friday. We spent the rest of the day doing the following: fishing, eating, swinging in the hammock, jumping off the trampoline, eating, swimming, riding the jet ski, and eating. Eddie's aunt and uncle joined us for lunch and part of the afternoon.



Kelly didn't think I'd post these, so here they are! Even I jumped {*ahem* sort of} on the trampoline. It's harder than it looks and isn't very bouncy. I mostly jumped on it to get it wet so I could lay out on it without burning up. :)

{Look at that nice shorts tan I have.}

Caylor and Nancy and Caylor's boyfriend Blake came up, too. The boys followed right behind Blake all afternoon. I bet they spent 30 minutes laying right here trying to catch minnows with a net.

After fireworks, two little boys CRASHED.

Saturday, July 5th:

More of the same! Fishing, swimming, eating, jumping on the trampoline, riding the jet ski, and then we stopped by to visit some friends {which is where I busted my head}. We ate supper and headed home late with two sleepy boys! I promise I'll embarrass myself and post pictures of me and Eddie slip 'n sliding if those surface on Facebook at some point. I didn't have a camera so those are property of the friends. :)

We had a GREAT 4th of July weekend! We rounded it out with church and a nap on Sunday and went to visit my aunt and cousin and got to see Cacky after she'd been gone to the beach for a week. Lots of fun!

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