Sunday, June 29, 2014

Pictures of Summer.

I've meant to update for a few days and I have been BUSY so I haven't had a chance. Send your kids off for a weekend and you're suddenly more busy with commitments than when they're home. Hilarious! We've had a good time.

These are the pictures I've received from the boys' grandparent weekend.

Hiding from the fireworks next door, I think.

And these are in no particular order...

Checking out the chickens at the farmer's market a few weeks ago. James is in the orange.

Mom and I went to a canning class at the local canning plant last week. It was SO fun! In two hours we had five cans of tomatoes each and five bags of butter beans. We also came home with a huge grocery bag full of green beans.

The boys have gone to swim at Kelly's a few times this summer.

We've hit the library a LOT this summer so far. Too many books, too little time?

This is how nap time goes these days. It takes about 10-15 minutes to get him to sleep. This has happened every day since we took the paci away. The rule is that he has to close his eyes and I will sing and rock him until he's asleep. This day he'd also taken off his clothes and diaper several times and the punishment (to him) for that is a jon jon for the day. He HATES one piece outfits. Probably because he can't get them off as easily. He's a streaker.

One day Harry Potter joined me post-nap.

Did I ever post the hilarious picture of "Harry Potter" on our movie night? Wand? Check. Glasses? Check. Lightning scar? Check.

James and I (and Daddy and Will a few times...) have played a LOT of Toy Story Yahtzee this summer. It is FUN.

There has also been a lot of chase and a lot of wrestling.

I got this pretty new bracelet (the monogram). Do you shop CHEAP prices and lots of fun things.

This nut cracks us up.

Sweet brothers.

Not sweet brothers. (Big bit little.)

Even after a haircut, the 'fro is still large and in charge...especially post-nap.

Cheese dip dates waiting for YaYa.

Hob Lob carries Lindsay Letters now! I can't wait to have a house to decorate.

I had Perry Book Club last Thursday night. We each read whatever we wanted and had a great time! Gone Girl is the next on the list for August. I'm thinking I'll read it even if I can't make the trip up!

Not pictured is all the fun I had while the boys were gone. I fed children on Friday with a feeding program locally. It was fun! They'd had some problems earlier in the week and police had to be called so I wasn't sure what to expect, but it was fine and I enjoyed it! I went from there to eat lunch with a friend. We sat at the restaurant from 1:30-4:55. Holy moly! I literally left there, picked Eddie up, and went to the grocery store to pick out supper. So funny. Saturday I had a baby shower mid-afternoon. I'm so excited for the couple having the baby. They lost a baby exactly a year ago at full-term so this baby is cause for celebration. We're praying that everything goes smoothly for them the next three weeks and the delivery is safe and baby is healthy! Saturday night we had dinner club. We always have fun getting together with those friends.

We're headed to pick up the boys from Papa and YaYa this afternoon. I'm sure we have another fun-filled week ahead!

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Simply LKJ said...

Looks like the boys are having a blast!! I always loved sending my girls to the lake with Nanny and Papa for a weekend when they were younger.