Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Operation: No More Paci

Just for my own memory, Will has had his paci taken away today. We've talked about it for months and months {and months and months} and haven't done anything about it so here we go. I cut the tip off of one and gave it to him for his nap. So far he is FLIPPING out about it. I suspect we will have no nap today for him, which is just fine. I've gone into his room several times to tell him that we have to stay in our bed at naptime even if we don't sleep but overall it's not working. I think it will take a few days to break the habit. HOPEFULLY by next week we'll be back to normal. Right? RIGHT?!? One funny thing about it is that we'd told him around Christmas that we were going to send them to Santa to deliver to babies around the world. Then we moved him to a big boy bed and wanted him to sleep at night and all thought of taking the paci away went out the window. This afternoon when I put him to bed he started yelling, "NO, Mama. No yike dis paci. No, Mama! Ho! Ho! Ho!" Ha! Sweet stinker. Pray for us. ;) And pray for Grandmama, who just offered to let the boys spend the night on Night #1 of Operation: No more paci. {She doesn't know yet...he may wind up staying home!}

It became clear how dire the pacifier situation was this weekend when he couldn't go without it. He would ask for it and when I told him he only got it for sleeping he would say, "Nigh, nigh!" Uh oh!

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