Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Weekend.

It was rainy and cold for the entire weekend, but we didn't let the weather ruin our fun! We had a TON going on and we enjoyed every bit of it!

Friday afternoon after the boys' eggs hunts and parties {I didn't take the first picture} is totally a blur. The boys took naps and I sat in our bed and read and read and read. It was SO nice because it was rainy and cold outside and I was snuggled up for over an hour. Fantastic. Eddie didn't have to work on Friday but he had a lot of things going on so he was in and out. Early evening Eddie and I decided to run out to look at a house we thought was still on the market {hint: it wasn't....third one I've loved and lost...we probably ought to find a realtor}. Later I went to Publix to pick up frozen pizza for supper.

We asked the Easter Bunny to come by our house a day early because we go to the early service at our church and are NOT morning people. The idea of having to get everyone ready and out by 8:30AM did NOT sound like any fun when also fighting the fight over Easter candy. I think next year we'll ask the Easter Bunny to come while we're gone to church. I mentioned that James had been nervous {or "jealous" as he says most of the time} that the Easter Bunny wouldn't know to come early. We wrote him a note and left some carrots on our front porch and hoped for the best. He had LOTS of questions: "How will the Easter Bunny know we left those things out?" "How does he get INTO our house?" "Will you please leave the special magic Santa key out on the front porch so that he can get in?" After a few minutes of trying to convince him that it would be FINE, I finely told him that if the Easter Bunny missed us, he'd come back by FOR SURE when he delivered everyone else's goodies. Thankfully, he got the message and stopped by in the wee hours of the morning on Saturday. Unfortunately, James was so excited that he woke us up at 2:49AM and again between 6 and 7. I finally let him get up at 7:30 and wake Will up and I heard him tell Will over the monitor that, "There's a Batman toy in my basket!" Clearly someone had been peeking during all of those trips to my bedroom to see if it was okay to get up!

Later Saturday morning we went to the egg hunt at our church. I sure missed going to our old church's egg hunt, but we had fun at this one. We did a few crafts, sat with the Easter Bunny, ate popcorn and snow cones, and hunted eggs. Will was completely uninterested in the egg hunts. We were in the toddler room and it wasn't the one he's normally in. New toys = a distracted child who cares nothing for eggs!

After the egg hunt and lunch the biggest boy {Eddie} and the littlest boy took a nap. James and I watched a movie together {Rescuers Down Under} and then he and I headed out to his friend Gabe's STAR WARS birthday party. This was a big deal. 

Saturday evening Eddie and the boys picked up supper for us and we went to Cacky's to eat so that I could help make our brunch for Sunday morning. We got everything prepped and ready!

Sunday morning we went to church and Sunday School and then headed to Mom's for brunch. Mmmm. We had a good visit there and then headed home for naps.

Pig noses courtesy of Cacky's Easter baskets for the boys.

We had dinner with Eddie's family on Sunday night. Egg hunting happened before dinner. We realized James had never had to HUNT for eggs before. At all of his egg hunts they're just thrown out in the grass and it's a mad dash to pick them up. This was funny to watch.

Eddie won this bunny in a drawing when he was four. 

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