Tuesday, March 4, 2014

These Days.

THANKFULLY, I am on the mend. Y'all, that virus is NO JOKE. I finally ate three full meals yesterday and only felt minimally nauseated. Hallelujah, I'll take it. Since I don't have a ton of things to blog about, how about a little list for this cold, rainy Tuesday.

1. Last night we had "Cupcake Pizzas" for supper. Hilarious! James and Will both wanted to help "make" them so I let them each make three. I wish I'd taken a picture but it was so hectic letting them help {I'm a little bit of a control freak if you haven't noticed that so the idea of letting the two-year-old hold the pizza sauce spoon just about did me in...just keeping it real} that I didn't get a chance. They were SO easy. Tear Pillsbury pizza dough into small pieces and push into greased muffin tins. Bake for about 5 minutes at 375*. Next, pull them out of the oven and top with pizza sauce, pepperoni, and mozzarella cheese and put back into the oven for another 5-10 minutes or until cheese is melted and turning golden brown. Serve with warmed pizza sauce on the side. Mmmm. James and Will didn't enjoy eating them as much as they liked helping make them, but they were still fun.

2. Eddie's birthday is in a few weeks and James is beside himself with excitement about it. For Valentine's Day we bought Eddie two Wii hunting games {because James is OBSESSED with all things hunting right now}. They have been played regularly at night since. James has requested that we buy Daddy TWO Wii rifles for the games so I'm on the hunt {bah dum cha!} for those. He has hinted and hinted to Eddie what we're getting without coming out and saying it, but Eddie totally knows. And James has NO CLUE he's been hinting. He asked yesterday if Papa can keep a secret {NO!} and then said, "Let's not tell him what we're getting Daddy then, ok?" Papa is not the problem...James is. :) He ALSO told me last week that for Daddy's birthday I need to get my hair cut and put on fake eyelashes. I guess he's looking out for Eddie's best interests, but goodness! He totally could've suggested that when I hadn't had the stomach bug and been living in pajamas for five days in a row. 

3. I'm not sure what's in the air but in the past week I know of at LEAST seven babies that were born. SEVEN. And for the most part, I am on a first name basis with their mamas. I'm not talking that I HEARD of a baby being born, I'm talking people that I know well enough to send congratulations to! Crazy.

4. I'm working on what we're going to do as a family for Lent this year. The past few years I've given something up that was just a little silly and didn't really focus on what I needed to...this year we're not going to give ANYTHING up for 40 days, but we'll be focusing on doing a few different things over the course of the next few weeks and I'm excited!

5. I used Pinterest's favorite shower cleaner yesterday and liked it! 1/2 cup warmed vinegar + 1/2 cup Dawn in a spray bottle. Spray and leave for 30 minutes and then scrub clean. It got rid of soap scum easily without having to scrub, BUT it was difficult to get it all off the shower stalls. I told Eddie to let the boys "wash" the shower during bath time and he said James thought it was AWESOME and even made up a shower cleaning song. Of course he did!

6. Will is TROUBLE. BIG trouble. Have to watch that kid like a HAWK. During naptime on Sunday I took a shower and when I got out I realized I couldn't see him in his bed {on the monitor} and I could hear something so I went to his room. Normally when he gets up he either asks for someone to let him out of his room {it has a doorknob cover on the back of the door} or he'll play with his trains. Not on Sunday! Little boy was COVERED in lotion. This is the first time we've had something like this happen, but with Will I highly doubt it will be the last. Goodness gracious.

7. This is totally random, but if you had NEVER been to Disney World before {or if it's been a while or if you've never taken your kids...whatever!}, what would your big questions be? About the parks? About packing? What? I would love to hear from you! {There's a reason for this randomness that I'll share later...}

8. I have been on the hunt to find a new swimming lessons teacher this year. I've contacted two of the three I'm going to contact, but haven't heard anything back yet. I am ready to get the ball rolling on this and James is losing his mind about it already. We also MAY sign up for tae kwon do this summer. We're gluttons for punishment, huh? ;) T-ball starts in three weeks so that will be in full swing before we know it and then after that's over I'd like to go into swimming and possibly tae kwon do. I just seems like summer would be easier to start something new. And with extremely active boys, I want things to do with them!

9. I've signed up for an at-home 21 Day Bootcamp of sorts. I have a DVD workout to follow, a food plan, and a trainer to check in with. It starts in just a few weeks and I'm excited! I have GOT to get back to running this week, too. I had a fabulous run last Monday before the stomach virus hit and I feel good today but it's cold and rainy. Treadmill, perhaps?

10. Does anyone want to borrow a grouchy two-year-old? There are tantrums, a paci addiction, and whining to contend with, so you need to be up for the challenge. I'd like him back, but my ears just can't take much more of the screaming and crying. :)

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