Friday, March 28, 2014

School Carnival.

The boys' school had a carnival day today. Will's class had a small bouncy house set up and a baby pool with balls in it, but James' class got to go to the Activities Center at our church and participate in all kinds of different stations. I didn't intend to go - I was only one of two parents there - but James forgot his show-and-tell so I wound up going back to take that to him. I got there just as his class was walking to the carnival so I wound up going (in workout clothes, no makeup, and glasses no less! I'd intended to scrub the germs out of our house today).

It was so much fun! My boy is NOT a fan of the bouncy house or the slide and when I mentioned something about that, his sweet teacher told him she'd slide with him as many times as he wanted! She went with him three or four times and then he was brave enough to go by himself!

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