Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Two Year Well-Check.

Will, Eddie, and I went this morning for Will's two-year well-check. Since we've moved we had to find a new pediatrician for the boys. After polling friends the same name came up over and over so with James' four-year check we began to see Dr. G. She is very sweet and we've loved her so far. Today was Will's first time to meet her.

We dropped Big Brother off with Cacky this morning so that she could take him to school {Will arrived about 45 minutes late to school} and headed to Dr. G.'s office.

Will is a growing boy! I'd taken unofficial weight/height measurements a few days ago and they were a bit off from the doctor's official stats. Will weighed 29 pounds and was 35.5 inches today! That puts him in the 84th percentile for height and the 27th percentile for weight. He's long and lean-ish. {He doesn't look all that lean...he's lost the baby fat, but he looks SOLID.} If you double the two-year height he's supposed to be right around 5'11" or 6' when he's grown. {James' height doubled was 5'10". I was supposed to be 5'9" and I'm only 5'6" so it's not always accurate! Although I do LOOK taller than 5'6".}

We had a few concerns while we were there. He has had a swollen lymph node since last summer. I'd been told to just watch and make sure it didn't get larger - and it hasn't - but wanted her opinion as well. She agreed with just watching it. Another concern was that he's told me several times recently that his back hurts. She checked his spine and lower back and nothing stuck out at all. She mentioned just keeping an eye on that as well and said that because he tells me before bed that his back hurts it may just be a way to get some snuggles in at the end of the day. He also woke up with a rash across his face and back this morning. They tested him for strep - it was negative - and she thinks it's probably just a virus rash that's showing up after the tummy bug he had last week. No worries at all!

He did great! I've mentioned before that his speech is not where James' was at this age {James is a little bit of an anomaly when it comes to's just his thing!}. He DOES, however, communicate VERY well. He followed all of Dr. G.'s directions about turning his head, opening his mouth, laying down, etc. He's a smart boy! 

And no shots! We skipped the flu shot as it's almost March so The Boy was able to escape with just the gag test {aka the strep test}!

All went well! We are so thrilled to have two healthy BIG boys.

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Anna Catherine said...

Thank you for cutting out my disgusting, sweaty, not made up face out of that picture! Will's hair cracks me up!