Saturday, January 25, 2014

Six on Saturday.

I missed the weekly Five on Friday post and I'm sitting here waiting for Eddie to get ready {I'm NEVER able to say that...his long hair has taken him FOREVER to get ready today, though!} so I thought I'd write a Six on Saturday post. :)

1. I tried two new recipes this week and BOTH were a hit. They were delicious. The first is a Skillet Lasagna recipe and it was SO easy. I'd add ricotta cheese next time, but it is plenty cheesy without it. The boys gobbled this up. The second recipe is a Crockpot Chicken Fajitas recipe that was equally easy, but I'd add a packet of fajita seasoning and more beans next time. It was lacking a little bit in flavor. I don't like mouth-on-fire hot, but I do like my Mexican food to have lots of flavor and this was lacking.

2. I'm sick for the THIRD time this month. The first time was bad and I wound up on a steroid, a cough syrup, and an antibiotic. The second time my throat was killing me for about two days and then I was fine. This time it is clearly back in my chest. I don't feel nearly as bad as the first time around, but I sound horrible and cannot stop coughing. It's gross.

3. We got Will a new big boy bed. Eeek. Thanks to Papa and YaYa for loaning it to us and John for bringing it to us. It's not put together in his room yet, but we think we're going to tackle that late this afternoon and see how it goes. He's been staying in his crib for naptimes and at night BUT he climbs out when he wakes up and y'all, I need to record him doing it. It's scary. The crib is so low on the ground that JAMES can't climb out {James has never been the climber that Will is}. I'll try to remember to record it and post later in the week. Hopefully bedtime will go smoothly. I know this means we're about to be laying down with two boys again, but hopefully it will go well.

4. Speaking of Will, I posted this on Instagram this week, but in case you didn't hear the news...this is the face of the Terrible Twos. Every. single. thing. makes him freak out these days. The drama. OH, the drama. I thought James was just especially dramatic for a toddler {and preschooler because sweet mercy he is still dramatic}, but it's here for a second round. Seriously, if girls are more dramatic then I feel for you girl moms. The emotions are in full force.

5. I also posted this on Instagram this week, but I thought I'd share with you that one of my goals for this year is to branch out in my fashion. I'm a little fashion-challenged. Here, I tackle mixing patterns. Don't you think this is Pinterest-worthy?

6. I posted ANOTHER picture on Instagram this week {seriously, are you following me? There's no need to blog anymore!} and immediately I was flooded with comments about how tall James has gotten. It was no surprise to me, but I think he's grown a full inch just since CHRISTMAS. I measured him on his birthday and he was 40 inches tall and I measured him just now at 41 inches. But again, I'm fairly certain that it's been in the past month. He has eaten us out of house and home recently. The kid who complains about all foods has discovered new foods he loves {CARROTS!} and has been gobbling up every food he can get. He's been HUNGRY and it's caused him to grow over night! And if his appetite is any indication, I'll need to measure him again in a few weeks.

We're headed out to do some shopping and then we're headed to a birthday party! Happy Weekend, y'all.

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