Tuesday, January 28, 2014

John Bud.

John's 27th birthday was on Sunday. Old man. He and Kayla actually came down this weekend to do some wedding planning so we celebrated with the birthday boy on Friday afternoon. It's a good thing, too, since after the germs hit our house {they'd really already been around...both boys ran fever last week, I have a cough from you-know-where, and James had already missed one day of school} we didn't see anyone else all weekend! Mama made John a pound cake and we sang happy birthday and all the boys blew out the candles. Eddie was thrilled to walk in just after this - he didn't know there would be a pound cake waiting for him when he got home. John and Kayla also brought our littlest a BIG BOY bed on Friday when they came. Papa and YaYa had one they loaned us until our house sells and we get our stuff back. :) More on that later.

Happy Birthday, John! We love you!

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