Friday, January 17, 2014

Five on Friday.

Y'all are all SO SWEET to have liked yesterday's post so much. I thought it would be so boring but I've gotten a few comments and several emails about how fun you thought it was. Thanks! I'll do another day in a few weeks just to show you the comparison! Every day is wild around here!

I'm linking up in the first time in forever with Darci for Five on Friday!

1. I found these pretties at Target before Christmas and didn't buy myself one and kicked myself ever since. Yesterday Mama and I took the boys to Macon and Warner Robins to return a few things and find a few other things and I grabbed the last gold dot tray and small gold dot box. I'm thrilled to have them!

2. Speaking of shopping yesterday, the boys were SO well behaved. We went to eat lunch at La Parilla, ran into DSW, Belk, Loft, Barnes and Noble, Target, and Hobby Lobby and then ran by a friend's house and our own house {the one for sell} for a minute before heading home. We were gone a grand total of 9.5 hours and there were minimal problems. Hallelujah! They ate ALL. DAY. LONG, though. I am scared for their teenage years. They needed a snack on the way from picking James up from school to Macon. Then we ate lunch. Then they immediately ate another snack. Then we bought a cookie at Starbucks and they had that. I finally had to cut them off. James claimed he was STAR-ving. I quickly reminded him that since he'd had food in his tummy all day long he was NOT starving. I think he's hit a growth spurt, though, because he has been eating a TON lately and he's not a big eater.

3. Running. I did a 5K on the treadmill today and a few things made ALL THE DIFFERENCE. I was still slow as Christmas, but I wound up turning the FitBit app on on my phone and focusing on the steps going UP instead of how slow my pace was and it made such a difference. I also thought about my end goal. And I listened to the Toby Mac radio station on Pandora. Praise music made a big difference. My goal {fingers crossed} is to run a 5K in February with a few friends and I would LOVE for my time to be under 40 minutes. I don't even have any idea if that's a good time, but it's less than my time today so that's my goal.

4. After all of my hard work this week I'm down a total of 4 pounds. Yahoo! I've avoided bread like the plague except for suppertime and I'm trying to eat lots of lean protein, fruits, and veggies. This girl does not like veggies so it's been tough. I have to get myself to the grocery store tomorrow to restock because we are out of almost everything at our house. I'm telling you - those boys can EAT. 

5. If you follow along on Instagram, you've seen these already but they're too funny not to post again. On Tuesday the boys and I went to the local college to walk with a friend and her daughter. We looked at horses and ducks and got some walking in and then we took the kids to the track and let them RUN. It rained over the weekend and maybe on Monday {who can keep up?} and the grass was WET. Will was running to catch up to the big kids and face planted. It happened so fast I didn't even see it, but it is QUITE clear that's exactly what happened. I could not stop laughing about it. My kids don't like to be dirty {unless it's on their terms} so it took Will a while to put his hands down and move on to something else. So funny. {No babies were harmed!}

Have a great long weekend!


[darci @ the good life] said...

Way to go friend..... great job on the treadmill and weight loss!!! Please move next door to me and keep me accountable! Ha!

And that photo - I'm dying!!!!

Happy weekend!

Anna Catherine said...

Yay! Mind over matter! If you get your mind right you can accomplish anything!

Ashley Brickner said...

What a sweet family you are?!! And congrats on the workout, mama!!!!