Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Christmas Weekend at Lake Oconee

I'm finally getting around to the last post of Christmas. I'm not suffering quite as much today. I went to the doctor and definitely have an upper respiratory infection. I'm on an antibiotic, a steroid, and a cough syrup and can get an inhaler if I wind up needing one after all that. Bronchitis is no joke, y'all! Poor little weak lungs. Sunday and Monday were miserable! Okay, time to play catch-up!

We headed to Lake Oconee after Eddie got off work on the Friday after Christmas. Anna rode up with us and it was late when we got there. The boys were wound up! James got THE FIRST GIFT OF CHRISTMAS when he went down to the basement and saw The Polar Express set up and running. Can you believe I didn't take the first picture? The highlight of that was making it go just as fast as it could. We couldn't believe it wasn't flying off the tracks. 

Saturday morning we got up and had Christmas. My goodness gracious at the gifts! We go around in a circle opening so that we can drag it out and see what everyone is given. It was another fun year! The boys {as usual} got impatient, but they opened THE BEST GIFT EVER and were distracted for a while. What's THE BEST GIFT EVER, you ask? Why, a toy Home Depot leaf blower, of course. Seriously, the hit of Christmas. Hilarious. Between that and a Shark game that James got they were set. {The shark game is hysterical. This will need a whole separate post. Will is terrified and intrigued all at the same time.}

MY big gift was a new Canon. Clearly {no pun intended} it was time for a new camera since my pictures have been blurry for two years. Part of it is user error, part of it was just the camera. Out with the old! Eddie's big gift was a new TV for our room. You'll see why this was "needed" in the pictures below. Dad also wins for "most unique gift ever" when he gave Anna and me dolls that he carved himself. He's carved for years and years and years but this was a new one for him. He's done Santas and baseball players and coaches, busts of various characters, animals, etc., but these dolls have moving arms and legs and they're just so neat!

None of these pictures are in order, but enjoy anyway!

{Southern Sampler plate? Chicken salad, pimento cheese, boiled peanuts. Check! Check! Check!}

{I got these and Anna has tried to hi-jack them ever since. I think if they were a size smaller she'd have packed them up and never mentioned them again.}

{Excuse the mess, but this was just funny. Before and after of our bedroom TV.}

{Excuse me, I mustache you a question.}

{Sparklers with this little boy will make you a nervous wreck. It was raining so we had to stay on the deck.}

{Isn't this amazing? All hand-carved by Dad. Movable arms and legs. Dad said it's a boy (and he really looks like James!) so I'm looking for a boy outfit. No butterflies in this house!}

New camera pictures:
{Please note Will's new mustache paci. Makes him look like Walt Disney!}

{Bye Papa and YaYa! Thanks for the goodies!}

Better pictures, huh?

Whew! Done with Christmas! On to New Year's!

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