Friday, January 10, 2014

Anna's Birthday Weekend - Island Time!

For Anna's birthday on the 4th we headed to the coast to celebrate and see her new house that she and Lance just built. What a fun day! Poor Anna had to listen to all my ailments all day long though. What a whiner her big sister is! First, I whined after our DELICIOUS lunch gave me indigestion because I forgot to take my medicine. {How old do I sound?! Fabulous.} Then, I started feeling achy and feverish later in the day and fell asleep in her recliner. Finally I made everyone head home {it wasn't early, though...} just so I could get to my own bed. To top it all off, I LOST her birthday gift. I bought her a pair of Stella & Dot earrings last spring and I've been moving a little yellow S&D box around with me from our old house to Mom's house to the rental house. Well...Guess what? The box is the WRONG BOX. Apparently her earrings are still living in our old house. Aren't you jealous? Don't you wish I was related to you??? Gracious.

We had lunch at Southern Soul which was DELICIOUS. I ordered Potato Soup and Fried Green Beans {they are a must-get if you ever go!}. Eddie got barbecue something-or-other and the boys shared chicken fingers {of course!}.

They also apparently shared cups which James was NONE TOO PLEASED about.

After lunch {and a quick stop at the Bailey Boys store} we headed to Jekyll Island to tour the Sea Turtle Rehab at the Club. It was SO MUCH FUN. If you have littles {or you just like wildlife!} and you happen to be nearby, stop it. It was lots of fun and very interesting. Did you know there are 5 types of sea turtles? Did you know a terrapin is a marsh turtle? Did you know that some sea turtles grown to be over 2,000 pounds? Well! You'll learn all about these things! :) Each sea turtle at the rehab is there because of an injury, illness, or deformity. A few of the turtles were there because they had floatation issues and were swimming with weights on their backs to help them stay down. A few of the turtles had been hit by boats or attacked by sharks. We enjoyed seeing and hearing about them all!


This turtle {I THINK a loggerhead} had been hit by a boat and his shell had to be reconstructed by an orthopedic surgeon. He was James' favorite because his name is Flounder. We got to watch him get fed.

{Look closely in front of James and you can see the mirror reflecting the turtle eating at the bottom of the pool.}

Somebody crashed on the way home and slept for over an hour on Anna and Lance's bed!

It was such a fun day! Cacky even brought cookie cake {or norm!} and ice cream and candles for Anna to blow out. Happy Birthday, Anna!

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