Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Welcome Back, George!

George, our Elf on the Shelf, is back with us for the month of December. Thankfully, we have a well-behaved elf who encourages the boys to act sweet, not get into trouble. George is a *little* on the lame side...he doesn't do much and isn't very creative...he just moves from place to place each night. So far, though, the boys think he is just plain AWESOME. 

George brought gifts his first night back. Each boy got two pairs of new Christmas jammies and James got a pair of Rudolph slippers {which he's declared the MOST AWESOME SLIPPERS EVER even though they're backless and he can't keep them on to save his life}. {Will already has Rudolph slippers, Anna. Yes, they're hand-me-downs. He loves them anyway.} George suggested we go eat breakfast at Waffle House the morning he arrived but James acted like he'd been raised by wolves and we don't want to ever speak of that day ever again. Suffice it to say that after the throw-down at our house that morning we warmed up Eggo waffles at 10AM {yes, we'd been up for over two hours...I'm telling you...raised by wolves}.

I need to get a video of Will saying "George." Think French. I don't even know how to write it so you'd be able to see how it sounds. Zeorge? Just George in French. I totally keep thinking it's how the Gabors would say George. {I know they're not French.} Anyway, it is HILARIOUS and we make him say it all the time. It's a good thing elves like to stay up high because Will would DEFINITELY not be able to understand the "don't touch" rule.

{George wore his favorite jersey on his first day back for the Georgia/Georgia Tech game.}

So far, we've found George {Zeorge} on top of the playroom Christmas tree, on the curtain rod in the playroom, on top of our tv, holding a popcorn ornament sitting on our kitchen table {to remind James to be sweet so we could go see Frozen!!!}, on the light fixture in the bathroom, in our kitchen, and under James' Christmas tree.

This is such a fun tradition to me. I know everybody and their mama's sister does it, but we have thoroughly enjoyed it and will continue to welcome George {Zeorge} back each Christmas!

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