Monday, December 23, 2013

All Aboard...The Polar Express!

We spent our Friday evening {after having a sick child all day long - thanks to my mom for babysitting for the majority of the day - and spending the morning at the doctor's office for myself} at a local museum for their version of The Polar Express. We went with our Dinner Club crowd plus my mama and we just had the most fun. Even with a child who'd been running a fever all day, we had a FUN time.

First stop...listening to Mrs. Claus read The Polar Express. We were in a teensy little cabin with a fire and in case you're not aware of the heat wave we're having in South Georgia, it was HOT. It  was almost 80* today. It was fun but we were all glad to get back into the outside afterwards to load the train.

We all hopped aboard the train and headed to the North Pole. {James commented when we got home that we didn't see ANY wolves.} The pathway to Santa's workshop was all lit up. James and our sweet friend Lily are almost a year apart but they have the best time together and are so sweet to each other. She babies him a little bit and it is the CUTEST thing. He asks about her all the time! They sat next to each other on the train and grabbed hands when they were walking up - totally unprompted. SO precious.

We arrived at Santa's Workshop and waited our turn to see Santa. Will {Mr. I Love Santa and Talk About Him All the Time...} got shy and I *thought* we might not get him up there. He wrapped his little legs around Eddie and had to be pried off. But he was FINE once he got up there. James has gotten SO shy about his "list" this year and always wants ME to tell people what he wants, but this time he ran through his list very quickly. "I want a bow and arrow, guitar, books, blocks, and trains. He {points to Will} wants books, blocks, and trains, too." It sounded so rehearsed that I couldn't help but laugh! Santa's helper gave both boys a bell {"The first gift of Christmas!"} as they left and they haven't stopped ringing them.

After our turn was over we wandered around a bit and James and Cacky got hot chocolate {which James declared was his FAVORITE part} and then it was time to board our train to head back to South Georgia.

We had a great time and will definitely do it again next year! Aside from Will losing one of his boots {we're still hoping we'll find it but I have walked all around that place looking for one and it hasn't turned up yet...}, we had so much fun! This may be a tradition we look forward to for several years!

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